Friday, September 4, 2009

Vacation photos

More of our vacation.

Why is it that when on vacation the kids think they need to be up at 6am? I am pretty sure I sent out all the proper paperwork in advance saying the vacation wake up time would be somewhere around 8 or 9 am not 6! This child of mine woke ME up at 6 am darn near everyday we were there.

We went to the beach as much as possible because Zack is clearly going to grow up to be a beach bum. He loves digging in the sand, not so much making castles but digging holes as large as he could. He loved being buried and trying to break free of that blanket of sand. The giggles were contagious. He loved to bury other people and I can honestly say that boy can pack the sand down pretty darn well. I was a bit snug when he buried my lower half.

Zack and Kris playing in the sand

He wore Kris out in the water. I know all Kris wanted to do was relax while there but Zack would not have that. He wanted in the water. Once he got the feel of the water at his feet he wanted to be out there with the big boys! I know after a while each day Kris arms hurt from holding Zack in the water.

I figured after the first time a wave crashed over Zack's head he would be done but boy was I wrong! Kris tried his hardest to keep Zack from being hit in the face with waves but there were a few that got away from him.

Zack also tried his hand at surfing. Now that was a funny sight to see. He grabbed someones body board and tried sitting and standing on it. It did not work so well but he did try so that was a good thing.
Zack Surfing

Another highlight for Zack was trying to catch the seagulls. He tried several times but those pesky little devils got away every time.

Kris wrangling in Zack and Duce after they tried catching a seagull.

We told Zack one night after dinner we could go back to the boardwalk and he could pick whatever he wanted for snack. As we were walking by place after place we would tell him what they had. No, No No, No is what we kept hearing. We thought for sure Dippin Dots would be the one that grabbed him. Oh were we wrong. He wanted no part of them. Out of all the good, sweet, yummy treats you can get on the boardwalk he chose Popcorn! Argh had we known that we would have just thrown a bag in the microwave at the house and called it a night.

We went back to the arcade with him the last night we were there so he could play some more games. He wanted to play the blue ball game. I think it was called Pokerino. He loved it. Daddy is teaching him early the importance of poker. Take it anyway you can get it.

Zack at the arcade...not a bad poker hand.

He did catch a cold while we were on vacation so there was one night I did not get any sleep at all, but other than that it was a good vacation.

This was how I knew he was getting a cold, he had already napped for an hour and a half in the bedroom, walked out laid on the couch and went back to sleep for another hour and a half.

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Kristin said...

Looks like you had a blast! My boys love to wake me up early, especially on the weekends.