Friday, July 18, 2014

Lesson probably not learned...

Recently while in the grocery store Zack turned to me and started begging. "Please Mom, I really want to try it, I promise I will eat it." Knowing my son as well as I do I said no because I know he would not eat this item that he was begging for.
He continued his begging. I continued saying no.
Not really having the patience at the time I eventually and reluctantly agreed but made sure I told him that I knew he would not like it. "Oh yes I will Mom. Oh and we will need crackers to go with it."
Rolling my eyes knowing it was money that was going in the trash.

That very afternoon  I heard "Mom can I have it now, please?" So I made up a plate and set it on the table for him. He quickly put it in his mouth and almost immediately made a face. Just as quickly as he put it in his mouth is a quickly as he spit it out. "I do believe I heard a 'that is gross' come out of this childs mouth.

At this point I took the moment to repeat what I said in the store... that he would not like it! This was my opportunity to remind him that I am always right and he should never question me again! Really when is the child going to learn I am Queen and should never ever be questioned?!

What is this disgusting thing that I speak of?

None of than...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014