Saturday, January 29, 2011


I did something tonight I do not normally do. I just felt the need to lay in Zack's bed with him until he fell asleep. I do not know why because this is not something we normally do.

We did the whole get ready for bed routine, washed, brushed teeth, said prayers, climbed into bed and read a few books.

He asked me to sing to him like I do every night. Then he went through his check list of things he tells me every night before I leave the room, when I told him I wanted him to have sweet dreams he asked me what he should dream about. This happens quite often so I make up silly things for him to dream about and tonight he helped me make things up. I like to send my child off to dream land with happy, silly thoughts so I make up silly stories about him jumping in a puddle of chocolate pudding or ice skating on a pond made of jello... You get the picture.

After we did the whole dream thing he grabbed my arm and held on tight so I just laid there with him until he was asleep. As I tried to get out of his bed without waking him, he rolled over and whispered "I love you Mommy."


Makes my heart melt to hear him say those four little words.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pajamas, a childs joy.

You would have thought my son won a million dollars by the way he was acting this morning. He woke up grinning from ear to ear, singing his own made up tunes and filled to the brim with happiness.

What made this child so happy? Well let me tell you.

It is Pajama Day at school today.

Yes pajama day, where any and all students and teachers can wear their pajamas to school for the entire day. A day where everyone can be in total comfort. A day where you can wear something you are not normally supposed to wear in a public place. A day you do not have to get out of your warm cozy pajamas to change into clothes that can be more confining.

If I heard the words 'it's pajama day' once this morning then I can guarantee you I heard them no less than 30 times.

When we walked into school we were waiting in the hallway for his teacher to get there, 6 out of 7 kids were in their pajamas. The one child bust into tears because he knew nothing about it. I felt so bad for him especially because all the others were talking about it being pajamas day and how awesome each of their pajamas are.

Isn't it funny how something so simple could bring such joy and pleasure to a little one? I think we all need to take lessons from our kids and learn to love the little things.

BTW anyone that knows my child knows he would live in his pajamas if we let him. There are many days when we having nothing planned and he begs to stay in his pajamas all day so I let him.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pure laziness.

This morning the schools automated message called to say there was a 2 hour delay because of black ice on the roads. Alright no problem but now I can not get back to sleep. I will admit that I just continued to lay there in bed watching the morning news. I know I should have gotten up and done something but I was tired and was secretly hoping I would fall back asleep.
With school being delayed I did not wake up Zack, I let him sleep until he woke up. At nearly 7:30 I hear my precious little boy awaken and turn on his lamp. Then I hear the voice of my precious little boy calling out "hey lazy bones I am ready to get up!" So much for him being precious!
I need to teach that boy a lesson, how dare he call his mother 'lazy bones'.
So what if it just so happened to be the truth this morning.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thrifty Mama.

Zack is already looking forward to his birthday. He still has nearly 2 months to go before it happens but yesterday he came into the dining room and he said "Hey Mom do not forget the party hats."
I have to say I was a bit confused because we certainly have not talked about any kind of parties happening. Without trying to sound stupid I asked him what he was talking about. While rolling his eyes at me he responded with "my birthday party silly". Alright then he must have been pondering this for a while then.

I told him I would not forget them and that we still had plenty of time. He then turned to walk away so I thought I had satisfied him enough that the subject was dropped for now.

Boy was I wrong.

He walked about 6 steps then turned and looked me square in the eye and said "Oh and Mom, Don't be cheap." Don't be cheap, what in the world is this kid talking about? I asked him what he meant by that and the little bugger responded with "Don't be cheap on the presents." I nearly fell over with laughter.

What could I possibly say to that? Apparently this child of mine does not understand I am not cheap... just thrifty!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The dreaded phone call.

When I dropped Zack off at school, he was in a happy and playful mood this morning.
About 30 minutes later I received a phone call from the assistant teacher, come pick up your son he struck me twice and scratched me and needs to be removed from the class for the day. Fortunately for him he was not sent to the principals office but because it happened in class and all the other children saw it, they wanted everyone to know they will not stand for that kind of behavior. Which I agree with.

I have to say I was shocked.

When I got there his teacher was heading into the classroom, she told me she did not see what happened but she said "that is just not like him at all". He would not tell her what happened.

He told me he was put into time out because he told D to go into the blocks center so his friend W could come to play with him. The kids are not allowed to tell other kids what centers to go to. He knows this. When headed to the time out chair D got in his face and was 'telling' him something and he just hit and doesn't know why. I can only assume the assistant got between the two boys but that does not change the fact that he hit someone.

I made him go tell her he was sorry even though he says he already did that when it happened. Now he is sitting up in his room, no television, no video games, no toys for the day. He just does not get the whole concept of time so by 9:15 this morning he was already yelling down asking if it was lunch time yet.

I can only hope this is a one time thing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soccer time.

Well it is official, Zack and I went and plunked down the money today for him to join the Spring Soccer league with the local parks and rec.

He was super excited and asked the guy when he gets to play and what time does it start. lol

He has not been on any teams for any sport in the past so this is bound to be funny.
I have no expectations on how well he will perform but I do want him to just go out and have fun. I am kind of hoping it teaches him good sportsmanship but at 4 years old I do not think he would fully understand that yet anyway.

I am sure when it starts I will be posting pictures so be on the lookout for them in a few weeks.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Todays Gripe.

Warmer weather where are you?

I am already over the cold winter weather we have had so far this year.

I am already over the ice that covers my walkway forcing me to take baby steps to try to get to my truck without falling and breaking a part of my body which has never been broken before.

I am already tired of my driveway being a sheet of ice that forces me to to take tactical maneuvers to get my truck in and out of the driveway without taking out someone else's vehicle.

I am already over the 5 am wake up calls from the school saying school is either closed for the day or will be delayed by hours. For crying out loud we are forced to miss half of spring break (good thing we do not have any vacation planned) and the make up days have now spilled into summer break.

So please Mother Nature could you at least turn up the heat a bit. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Word recognition...

Before I forget I wanted to post this because I thought it was so funny.

You see we do not swear in front of Zack, he is a little mocking bird so we keep the language in check for fear of going out in public with a potty mouth child ; )

Yesterday I was irritated over something and I said something with the word ASS. About ten minutes later my darling child who is sitting at the kitchen table playing so nicely with his Play-Doh says "Hey mom you know what?" So of course I respond with a "What Zack." Then my innocent, smiley faced child looks me straight in the eyes and says "Did you know that ASS is another word for BUTT?"

Can you say BUSTED?

Then I had to politely tell him never to say the word again because it was not an appropriate word for little boys to say.

*Note to self: little ears hear everything no matter how far away you think they may be.