Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pure laziness.

This morning the schools automated message called to say there was a 2 hour delay because of black ice on the roads. Alright no problem but now I can not get back to sleep. I will admit that I just continued to lay there in bed watching the morning news. I know I should have gotten up and done something but I was tired and was secretly hoping I would fall back asleep.
With school being delayed I did not wake up Zack, I let him sleep until he woke up. At nearly 7:30 I hear my precious little boy awaken and turn on his lamp. Then I hear the voice of my precious little boy calling out "hey lazy bones I am ready to get up!" So much for him being precious!
I need to teach that boy a lesson, how dare he call his mother 'lazy bones'.
So what if it just so happened to be the truth this morning.

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