Thursday, January 20, 2011

The dreaded phone call.

When I dropped Zack off at school, he was in a happy and playful mood this morning.
About 30 minutes later I received a phone call from the assistant teacher, come pick up your son he struck me twice and scratched me and needs to be removed from the class for the day. Fortunately for him he was not sent to the principals office but because it happened in class and all the other children saw it, they wanted everyone to know they will not stand for that kind of behavior. Which I agree with.

I have to say I was shocked.

When I got there his teacher was heading into the classroom, she told me she did not see what happened but she said "that is just not like him at all". He would not tell her what happened.

He told me he was put into time out because he told D to go into the blocks center so his friend W could come to play with him. The kids are not allowed to tell other kids what centers to go to. He knows this. When headed to the time out chair D got in his face and was 'telling' him something and he just hit and doesn't know why. I can only assume the assistant got between the two boys but that does not change the fact that he hit someone.

I made him go tell her he was sorry even though he says he already did that when it happened. Now he is sitting up in his room, no television, no video games, no toys for the day. He just does not get the whole concept of time so by 9:15 this morning he was already yelling down asking if it was lunch time yet.

I can only hope this is a one time thing.


tigsbestbuddy said...

This too shall pass, don't worry so much. Just let him be a kid. Sounds like too many rules for an adult to even remember!

Kristin said...

We have delt with days like that at one time or another. Try not to worry about it ( I know easy for me to say). They are still so young. They hit when they don't have the words to get thier point across.