Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sing on...

Every night I sing three songs to Zack at bed time. The same three songs. If I try to skip singing one night or even skipping one song he lets me know I have to do it and do it right. If I try to change and sing something else, he doesn't even let me get the first verse out before telling me that is not right and I need to sing his songs.

Well the other night as soon as I finished the first song he had something important to ask me. I answered him and when he was satisfied with my answer he looked at me and said "Continue on Maestro".

I could not help myself, it struck me as funny and I was nearly in tears from laughter. He started laughing right along side me, then he said "Hey mom, why you laughing?" Which of course made it even more funny for me.

I love that kid and everything he says that makes me break into hysterical laughter.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Zack: "Mommy I am so sad today."

Me: "Why are you sad?"

Zack: "We had to let the butterflies go to their new homes today."

Me: "Oh, well that is really a good thing, now they have a lot more room to fly around and play."

Zack: "I know that but I miss them already."

Every single day since they got the new butterfly garden in school, Zack has come home talking about them. Several times I was dragged into the classroom (against my will on some days) just to see the caterpillars, then it was to see the chrysalis, then to see the butterflies that had already came out of the chrysalis. He was fascinated with the whole thing. So I guess going to the butterfly farm last year was a good thing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs and Basket Making.

Zack wanted to color eggs so I put a dozen in the pot to boil, just as I was putting the last one in, I accidentally dropped it in the pot and it split open. oh well eleven eggs are better than none.

I set up the dyes, gave Zack the eggs and handed him a white crayon so he could write or draw on the eggs before dying them. He went to town. When he went to take the first egg out of the dye, he looked at it and said "Nope, it is not done yet. I think it needs to stay in longer." After doing that with each egg, it was very apparent that he likes vibrant colors, no pastel for him.

Here he is trying to write I love you dad on the egg before dipping it.

Here he was fairly satisfied with deep yellow of this egg.

After he was finished coloring all the eggs, we cleaned up and he let me know how much he loves to color eggs. He told me it does not have to be Easter to be able to color eggs.

He also wanted to make a basket for daddy. Apparently we could not give daddy the treats we bought for him unless they were in a basket. So that put me in a spot to think of a way that a 5 year old could make a basket with things I had on hand. I came up with cutting a gallon milk container. Then Zack and I tore up some tissue paper, then mixed up some Elmer's Glue with water and painted the glue on the container. Then he put the tissue paper all over the container, painted a bit more of the glue to make sure the tissue paper was completely stuck on and left it to dry. Voila, a quick and easy basket idea that a 5 year old can do. I cut a strip of the milk container to use as a handle and covered it with ribbon then attached it to the basket. To bad I forgot to take pictures of Zack doing all that messy work. He had mixed feelings about that glue being all over his hands.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter bunny 2011

Went to visit the Easter Bunny yesterday. Zack did not say a word to him just hugged him and sat on his lap for the picture. I wonder how many more years he is going to let me get away with this :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Hunt

On Sunday we chilled out during the morning then after lunch we got ready to go to an egg hunt. The local parks and rec put out 4,000 eggs and the kids collect them all in a matter of 5 minutes.
Zack was running around with a friend when we got there but once they told the kids to line up by the fence, the game was on! He was ready to run.

He collected a fair amount of eggs and could not wait to start opening them and seeing all the goodies he collected. Why do kids get so excited over stickers and temporary tattoos? We turn the eggs back in after opening everything so they can fill them again for next year. It helps save them some money and it is less stuff that will wind up on my living room floor.

When we got home from that Kris took Zack to the paintball field for a while. I just knew he would come home covered in mud, that is the only reason he goes to the field with Kris. Yup, he did not disappoint, he came home dirty. That kid loves playing in the dirt and mud. It was Zack's turn to pick where we were eating dinner that night. Why is it that when you try to guide him into making a better pick he gets one place stuck in his brain and that is where you have to go? I really wanted to go to a Mexican place but he was insisting we go to Wendy's and since I had already promised him he could choose, I had to suck it up and go to Wendy's.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This past Saturday night I babysat Indigo, my granddaughter so David and Lilly could go out and have a good time. Indigo and Zack played with toys for a while, then of course they wanted to play hide and seek so we had a rousing game of that. I have got to say after 'finding' them for the 12th time I was pretty much done with that. lol Why is it that kids hide in the same place all the time. How many times can one adult act surprised to find two little kids hidden under the covers on the couch?

Then we watched part of a movie so we could start relaxing before bed time. Once they started getting bored with the movie I knew it was time for bed. Zack was easy, he had his same routine as every other night. Indigo on the other hand insisted she needed her mommy. She did not want to lay down in the toddler bed that I have in the guest room. No, she wanted to sleep in the big bed with me. When we laid down she asked me to sing the sunshine song that I sang to Zack so I did. Each time I closed my eyes, the little stinker put her hand on my face and sort of tapped me as if to say wake up. After a half hour or so she finally fell asleep and I was able to get up.
The next morning she wanted to know why I left her. She is too darn cute.


Zack right before the game ended, he was starting to look a little tired.

After Zack's party on Friday night we went to see a minor league baseball game. We saw the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Of course we got there after it started but it didn't matter, it was Zack's first game and we had great box seats so we had a good time. I think if Zack had to be stuck in a regular seat he would not have had as much fun but with the box seats Zack was able to move around and stand up when he needed to. After the game, they had fireworks so we watched them and Zack was having a blast. As we were walking to the car he asked Kris if we could come to another game. The only problem was I forgot Zack's jacket at home so I had to give up mine when he started feeling chilly when the wind picked up. Other than that, Kris, Zack, David, Lilly, Indigo and I all had a nice time and with any luck we will be able to do it again.

Kris and Zack (also known as mini Kris).


Lilly and Indigo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Finally a birthday party.

We finally had Zack's 5th birthday party on Friday night. He was so excited because we had it at the children's museum. Which is one of his favorite places to be. After feeding the kids pizza, then cake all the kids took off out of the party room to go play. Being a Friday night there were not many other people there so they pretty much had the run of the place. They even were able to go out back and check out the garden the museum has started so they can teach kids about healthy foods. The museum also has added a chicken coop with a few chickens so Zack was able to feed a couple chickens which he later told me "they pecked my hands." He had a great time. The morning after he told me he had such a fun time that he wants his 6th birthday party there too!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I am so mean...

Zack: "Mom can I have a snack?"

Me: "No, if you have a snack now, you can not have cake tonight."

Zack: "Argh Mom, you are so not going to get a raise. No more extra money for you!"

Me: "What? Am I missing something? When did I start getting paid?"

Zack just rolled his eyes are me and walked off.

Someone please tell me when I started getting paid and where the heck is this money going?


This morning I called for Zack and told him it was time to go brush his teeth and wash up so he could go to school. There was no response, so I walked into the living room to find him hiding under a blanket on the couch.
Me: "Zack get up you need to get ready for school."

Zack: "Zack is not here... leave a message after the beep.... BEEP."

Me: "Zack go get ready for school."

Zack: "I told you Zack is not here, leave a message after the beep... BEEP."

Me: "Zack I am not kidding, go get ready now."

He got off the couch grumbling "Mom, you are not fair, you wake me up to early, you make me do things I don't want to do and you make me go to school when I don't want to."

Oh being a mom is so much fun.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning new words. - Updated

Lets see in the past week I have been called lame a few times. Now according to my 5 year old "Mom you are so pathetic."

He has been using the word stupid a lot which is driving me crazy. When I asked him where he heard that one he told me Squidward on SpongeBob uses that word. Thanks SpongeBob... NOT.

I love when my kiddo learns new words (insert me rolling my eyes here). He does not quite know what the meaning really is but hey they are big words to him so he uses them.

Oh and the best was last week Kris was trying tell Zack something that he apparently did not want to hear. The next thing we knew Zack told him to 'put a sock in it'. Yup he said it and he knew what it meant. We questioned him on where he heard it because neither Kris nor I use that term. Apparently that is the term his teachers use at nap time when the kids continue to talk instead of being quiet like they are supposed to be.

Tonight Zack said "Hey Mom, I learned a new word for mouth."
Me: "Oh, and what word would that be?"
Zack: "Salavation."
Me: "What?"
Zack: "Sal-a-va-tion"
Me: "And that means what?"
Zack: "That is another word for mouth."

Upon deeper searching he meant salivation meaning drooling.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Zackary and Grandma baking some Cruder...

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day breakfast

It was just too easy thing morning.
I woke Zack up this morning, told him his breakfast was already made. He got up, went and climbed into bed with daddy like he does every morning. A few minutes later I told him to get to the table because his bagel and cream cheese was waiting for him.
Typical Zack style, he stuck his finger in the cream cheese and licked it. And that is when he caught on.
"Mom you tricked me this is not cream cheese, it is frosting!"
It took another minute before he took a bite of the bagel to realize it was a donut.

Just wait until he sees what is for dinner.