Friday, August 29, 2008


Going through some papers today I found a picture of David as a little one. Where did the time go? How in the world can he be 24 years old? He was a good kid until those darn teenage years hit but thankfully we made it through. He is handsome, funny, smart and has a sarcastic side to him just like his mom. (Did I say that?). Oh yeah and he is very opinionated. If he doesn't agree with you he will argue his case until you give up. I find that funny though because he was so shy as a young child. He wouldn't even order his own burger whenever I took him to McDonalds!
I am proud of the adult he turned out to be.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zacks Words

My 2 year old son Zack still isn't speaking much so he has a speech therapist come out once a week to the house to work with him. He is doing real well. When we started the whole speech therapy process, the only real words we could get out of Zack was Dada, Mama, and pwa (please). He would also get out uh-huh (yes) and ah-ah (no). We are picking up new words at a good rate now. We have gotten Maw (for his grandma), More, Home, On, Off, Fa (fan), Baa-Oo (balloon) and today we got Pa-Bo (Pablo from the Backyardigans show) and Ahmo (Elmo).
I can not begin say how proud I am of him. He went from not being able to get out the sounds to being able to get some sounds out and also put 2 sounds together to form a word.
He picks up sign language pretty quickly too. That in itself has helped us tremendously. I really feel that his frustration level has gone down some. Not a lot because there is still a lot he can not communicate to us but hey at this point any drop in frustration is a blessing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My first blog post ever.

We had a 71st birthday party for my mom Sat evening. She didn't know anything about it and was shocked to say the least. Four of my five brothers were able to make it which just made her day. Even though she was exhausted I think she had a good time.
Zack did well having that many people around. He is in the shy stage right now so it takes a while for him to get used to people. He did get a bit attached to my brother John. As a matter of fact he is mad at John right now for going back home. Let that be a lesson to John to stay in touch with him! LOL