Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Gram

Today would have been my Grandmas birthday. I would tell you how old she would have been but she always said she was 29 and holding so I guess I should not give away her secret. (Don't worry Gram your secret is safe with me).

I miss picking her up and taking her around town where ever she needed/wanted to go. We had a lot of conversations during those car rides. Some were serious and others, well, they were just down right laugh until you had tears coming from your eyes. She had such an incredible sense of humor.

I remember when I was little, my brother and I would fight over who got to sit in her rocking chair. If it started to get physical she would kick us both off and she would plop her butt in it. That chair although older than old has a prominent place in my house. I look at it and I see Grandma doing her puzzles.

I loved that woman but then again anyone that ever met her loved her. I miss you Gram but I know that there is one heck of party going on in Heaven for you today.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Did I hear him correctly?

My darling little boy has earned a permanent mark on his record. No it is not a good mark either! The record I am speaking of is the record that all moms keep of what cute and not so cute things the children have said and done throughout their young years.

While eating dinner tonight we were discussing how some schools were already closed tomorrow and how some are operating on a delay because of the severe cold we are expected to experience upon waking up.So Zack starts saying how dumb it is that the news has the information at the bottom of the television because it is too hard for people to watch the news and read that information at the same time. So I reminded him that its alright because most schools call the house or parents cell phones anyway to let them know so they do not have to watch the news for that. Then I proceeded to tell him when I was little how we had to get up and watch the news to know if schools were closed or not. I let him know if you blinked and missed it you had to continue to sit there and keep watching until you saw your schools name. Kris said something about it being alphabetical and I said not when I was little, it was listed as the information came in.

Zack then said "Mom did you like the olden days?" I asked what he meant and he replied "Did you like the olden days when you were little?" I told him yes but I did not like having to sit there watching and waiting for my schools name to appear. Then the little snot  he said "It must have been hard going out in the cold getting the oil for the lamps!" Cough, choke, spit and sputter! I think I might just have to hurt the boy. How old does he think I am!

Let me just say the boy is now walking on thin ice, very think ice. Ice so thin that one false move or statement from him will send him into trouble the likes that he has never experienced before!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lazy day.

What do you do when mom is not feeling well? You lay in bed with her and play video games with your headphones on so you do not bother her. Love this kid.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over
And a new one just begun. ~ John Lennon

It is that time of the year where we ushered out one year and brought another in. 2013 was not a very good year in my life so I can honestly say I was not really sad to see it go. Pretty awful way to think if you ask me. I do however hold high hopes for 2014 to help bring some good luck, happiness and joy to my life. Notice I said 'help' bring. I know I have to be the one to make some changes or it will just be the same old thing.
So here is to change, here is to a new year.

Happy New Year!