Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visiting the Fire Station

We took a tour of the fire station yesterday. Zack asked a million questions, you know the typical what is that button for, what does that do, what is behind there.
Thank goodness for a wonderful Captain who was more than happy to answer his questions.

A local mothers group set up the tour so I figured it was a perfect opportunity to teach Zack a bit of fire safety at his level.

We get to the fire station, which is located next to a church. Zack spots the churches big, bright playground and he wants to go over there. I tried telling him that belonged to the church but obviously he didn't like my explanation because he asked the Captain if we could go to the playground. The Captain explained the playground was the churches and we couldn't play on it. He never asked about it again.

The kids got to see all the tools the firemen have, Zack was fascinated with the 2 foot long wrench and the saws. Go figure. They were allowed to climb in one of the new firetrucks, Zack tried to find the button for the siren...thankfully he never did.

One of the firefighters put on all his gear and let the kids come over and touch it, turn on the flashlight, and just explore it so if they were ever trapped in a fire and saw a firefighter they wouldn't be afraid. Which I thought was a great thing for the kids.

Everyone went home with smiles on their and red Jr. firefighter hats.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Riding his bike.

Oh this child of mine is running on full speed today.

He did not have any sugared cereal, no sugary snacks, no special treat for eating his lunch yet he has been moving non stop all day.

Please someone tell me where all this energy is coming from?

I was exhausted just watching him this morning but my gosh after having to chase him down several times today I am ready for bed time now!

If it weren't raining out I would take him outdoors and let him ride his bike down the street again. He wanted to ride his bike last night so we went on a walk while he rode. He did very well riding all the way down the street.

He was trying very hard to peddle so he could catch up to Kris and he blurted out "Wow, I am a little slow". Too funny.

Kris was telling Zack to be careful and not hit the truck that was parked halfway onto the sidewalk, then he tried to get himself between Zack and the truck where he proceeded to walk into the hitch on the back of it. I swear I tried to stifle my laughter but I didn't do to well.

When we turned to come home poor Zack was too tired to ride anymore (or so he said). He had tons of energy to walk and run leaving us behind. Kris had to carry the bike and helmet home. Maybe next time he will be able to ride a little bit longer.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I really needed to hear.

We were walking around the store today and my little love monkey says

"Mommy you the bestest friend eva!"

I love this kid.
Believe it or not he was not looking for anything.

Music and Motion

Zack was so excited to be back in music class yesterday. (Between sickness, vacation and snow days he missed a whole month). The whole ride there he kept asking "mommy where is music class to the left or right?"
(no he does not know his left from right yet but that is his newest line)

We get to class and he tells me "mommy I too shy in music class" which translates to I won't say my name out loud so you need to do it.

He had a blast playing the guitar. The instructor let all the kids have a turn strumming the guitar. He came back to his seat and asked for a guitar.

Then the instructor brought out a wooden frog. It was so cute, it had little ridges on its back that you ran a stick over and it sounded just like a frogs ribbet. The kids all loved it! Of course Zack came back to his seat again and asked for one.

Toward the end of the class the instructor brought out a parachute, each child grabbed a handle and started shaking it, then she threw a few balls on it and the kids were all beaming and laughing as the balls popped around the parachute. Zack was laughing hysterically at one point that he was hit in the noggin with a ball (good thing they were foam).

He loves the class and I know he will be so disappointed when it is over.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A little off.

This morning Kris asked Zack to come ask me what I wanted for dinner tonight.
Well I figured we might as well finish off what we have in the refrigerator so I told him "tell Daddy we are having Mac and Cheese, and corned beef".
The little stinker stands at the door and yells "Daddy we going to have chicken, french fries and corned beef"!
And so it starts long before I thought it would.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am always asking Kris if we can get a pool. His response is always the same, a resounding NO.
I mean how rude! Yes I know they can be a bit of work but think of all the fun we can have.

While we were in warm sunny Florida we took Zack down to the pool in the community where my MIL lives. I did not figure Zack would be as brave as he was. We made him wear a floaty and he was fine with that...for a while. After 30 minutes or so he was taking the floaty off and jumping into the pool.
Kris and David then had the bright idea of picking Zack up and throwing him back and forth to each other. Zack loved it!
He was getting real good about holding his breath and going under.
Now that we know Zack loves the pool so much I think Kris is going to hearing it a lot more that we need a pool.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck of the irish.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Continued

We waited in line for a bit to see The mouse. But it was worth it.

Minnie was there with Mickey so Zack was able to see both of them at once, rather than wait in another long line to see Minnie.

When Mickey leaned down to hug Zack I heard Zack ask him if he could play checkers with him. If you have ever been to Magic Kingdom, you walk through Mickeys house before getting to the area where Mickey greets people. In Mickeys house he has a huge checker board set up so that seems to be what Zack focused on.

When Minnie leaned down to hug Zack my little romeo threw caution to the wind and kissed her right on the tip of her nose! He obviously did not care that her boyfriend was right there. It was just too cute!

Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse & Zack

After we left Mickey, Zack asked Kris to take him on the cars. Now that was a sight to see. My poor baby was driving yet he couldn't see over the steering wheel. I would post a picture of this but really you can not see Zack in any of them. LOL. By the time they got off that ride Kris said "When he learns to drive you are teaching him". When I asked why he replied that several times Zack took his hands off the steering wheel and laughed hysterically. I do see high insurance premiums in our future.

We went on several more rides before Kris came up with the bright idea of taking my little baby on that thing he called a ride. Yes my child who was enjoying his 3rd birthday at Disney's Magic Kingdom was now being taken on

Splash Mountain.

(they apparently measured him 3 times to make sure he was tall enough and he made it by 1/2 an inch). My MIL, Indigo and I waited and waited and waited for them to come down. I told her several times that my stomach was in knots. I was feeling nauseated. I couldn't leave to go to the bathroom I felt I needed to see my baby at the bottom and make sure he was alright.
I could not believe that my husband was taking my baby on such a ride. I remember telling my MIL that if Zack was crying when they came down that ungodly mountain I was going to kill Kris.

And yes I meant it.

Who in their right minds takes a 3 year old on a ride that ends in a 52 foot drop? See I told you my husband isn't in his right mind. Now maybe you will all believe me when I tell you there is something wrong with that man I married. LOL

Look at that Smile, he was loving every second of it!

Much to my surprise my daredevil little baby boy was laughing hysterically by the time he got to the bottom of the mountain. So Kris was spared. My stomach eventually returned to a better state and my husband can not be prouder that his son loves thrill rides (insert me rolling my eyes here).

By the time we arrived back at the house this is what my overly tired baby looked like. Pitiful.

Sleepy Boy

We all had a great time and I am so glad my baby had a wonderful birthday.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My babys birthday.

Day two of our trip was filled with lots of fun, excitement, and the inside of all the bathrooms that Disneys Magic Kingdom has to offer!

We all woke up not realizing we should have turned the clocks ahead before we went to bed so we actually had a later start than anticipated. Not so great but that was the least of my worries at the moment. Somehow I managed to get a stomach bug which forced me to down some of that absolutely nasty Pink stuff. *as I shudder thinking about it. I was not feeling well at all but did not want to miss my baby's birthday celebration at Disney so I forced myself to deal with it and go.

Zack was getting pretty excited to be going to "Disney Park." Especially going to Disney Park on his "bursday". He couldn't wait to get on the "momoter rail" and ride around.

We were fortunate enough for Ma to get us into The Crystal Palace for lunch so Zack was able to have lunch with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger on his birthday. When he first spotted them, he wore the biggest smile I had ever seen on that kid.

Kris, Zack and Winnie the Pooh

Ma, Zack and Piglet

Kris, Zack and the ever bubbly Tigger

Kris, Zack and Eeyore

Oh wait he did have a huge smile when he was filling himself with ice cream and cookie then licking as much frosting off that birthday cupcake they brought out for him. Man the kid was in a sugar high for quite a while after that.


Lilly and Indigo

After lunch we headed over to the most annoying ride at Disney. Yeah you know I am talking about "It's a small world." It may be the most annoying but lets face it you can't go to Disney and not ride it. It is on this ride that Indigo fell asleep.

Stay tuned there will be more on our day at Disney tomorrow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day one of the trip.

First I want to say Amy I love you but never ever ever again will we come visit you again on such a short vacation. If we can schedule a longer vacation then yeah I wouldn't mind coming back. The amount of time spent in the car traveling to the panhandle of Florida to visit Amy and her family before heading to Orlando area was insane and I refuse to do that again. That was just pure torture and I for one do not get a thrill out of torturing myself!

We did get the chance to watch Gabby play a game of soccer while we were there.

This is Sydney, she is a little spitfire!

It was very hard trying to explain to Zack that he could not go out on the field and play with the kids.

Here he is trying to plead his case to Kris.

Here is Zack leaving Amy's. He was in a good mood at this point because we told him we were going to see Ma. Poor kid had no idea it would take forever to get there to see her.

When we finally rolled into our final destination we were all exhausted. Well that is a lie, the kids were full of energy and running around like they had been trapped in a car all day! Is there a way to bottle that energy? I know I sure could use some of it. I wound up being a terrible guest and I fell asleep on the couch.

Oh and I did want to say one thing to the idiot/jerk/moron who obviously does not know how to drive. When you are driving down a road in the middle of the night at some point you should see signs, be it speed limit signs, road signs, or heck even mile marker signs. You see they are all reflective so when your headlights hit them you can read them. IF you do not see any such signs while traveling down that divided highway then you may want to pull over. You were on the wrong side of the divided highway you idiot and you could have had a head on collision with us because you weren't smart enough to get the hell off the road! Turn in your license you obviously aren't smart enough to have one.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm back.

We took a trip to Florida over the last few days and we made it back home last night.

It was of course a short vacation but we fit in as much as we could.
(and believe me we are all tired)
I am hoping for a nice long nap time today.

So through out the next few days I will be posting about what we did and adding in some pictures.

I was going to do a meet up with fellow blogger Kristin but between the sickness in her family and me coming down with a stomach bug the meet up was canceled. I was bummed about that but what can you do. Next time I get down that way we will have to meet up.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A day to play.

*Ruby Red I know you are a bit tired of seeing snow so I would advise you to back out now. LOL

It snowed and we finally have a decent amount to be able to go out and play in. Of course Zack bugged me from the time he got up until I finally took him out to play. Nothing like being outside in freezing temperatures for nearly and hour and a half. It doesn't matter to him when you tell him he can go out again later. I was able to get him in the house by promising hot chocolate.

After dinner he went outside again this time to play with Kris. The minute I stepped outside Zack comes running up and tattles on his daddy.

Zack "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy"
Me "What Zack?"
Zack "Daddy hit you truck wif snow balls."
Me "He did? What did you do?"
Zack "Nofing"

I took some pics of my boys having a good time them
my husband (who apparently has no aim at all) smacked my brand new camera with a large snow ball. I am a pretty darn big target, how the heck can you possibly miss me? He is so lucky he didn't break it.

and now for your viewing pleasure.

Here he is making sure it hasn't melted yet.

Here is Zack eating snow (must remember to tell him not to eat colored snow).

Here is Kris showering Zack with snow.

Here is Zack getting Kris with a snowball, poor kid doesn't get the concept of throwing it from a distance.

As you can tell by the evening all the roads were fairly clear but guess what most of the stores closed early due to bad weather. I don't get it, by that time it was no longer bad, the roads were clear and people were out and about.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm rich.

Yesterday I decided to clean out my purse because it weighs a ton and is to the point of hurting my shoulder. I went to clean the change out of the front pocket. Not to bad I found a little over two dollars in coins there. Then I went to the back pocket to clean the change out of that one. Nothing. Now I know I am not going nuts, I always put my change in one or the other. (I don't know why I never put it in the wallet). I lifted my purse and heard the coins clinking together, at this point I am going through every pocket in the purse...Nothing.

All my change has fallen into the abyss through a small hole right on the seam of the pocket. I can not get my fingers in the hole to reach the coins so I ripped it a bit larger. I started getting some coins out. It seemed like it was never ending trying to get all the money out ,but by the time I did, I counted a little over twelve dollars.

I am amazed at how lightweight my purse it now.

Why do I let all these coins accumulate in my purse until I can no longer carry it for any length of time?

I gave all the pennies to Zack for his "penny bank." (He will not call it a piggy bank.) He was as happy as a clam putting in all those pennies. He did well with counting the up to ten.

And just a little funny from Zack this morning...

This morning before Kris left for work he told Zack to be good for mommy today.
Instead of saying alright or okay like he normally does. Zack looks at Kris and says "You be good for your boss today."