Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Music and Motion

Zack was so excited to be back in music class yesterday. (Between sickness, vacation and snow days he missed a whole month). The whole ride there he kept asking "mommy where is music class to the left or right?"
(no he does not know his left from right yet but that is his newest line)

We get to class and he tells me "mommy I too shy in music class" which translates to I won't say my name out loud so you need to do it.

He had a blast playing the guitar. The instructor let all the kids have a turn strumming the guitar. He came back to his seat and asked for a guitar.

Then the instructor brought out a wooden frog. It was so cute, it had little ridges on its back that you ran a stick over and it sounded just like a frogs ribbet. The kids all loved it! Of course Zack came back to his seat again and asked for one.

Toward the end of the class the instructor brought out a parachute, each child grabbed a handle and started shaking it, then she threw a few balls on it and the kids were all beaming and laughing as the balls popped around the parachute. Zack was laughing hysterically at one point that he was hit in the noggin with a ball (good thing they were foam).

He loves the class and I know he will be so disappointed when it is over.

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