Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm rich.

Yesterday I decided to clean out my purse because it weighs a ton and is to the point of hurting my shoulder. I went to clean the change out of the front pocket. Not to bad I found a little over two dollars in coins there. Then I went to the back pocket to clean the change out of that one. Nothing. Now I know I am not going nuts, I always put my change in one or the other. (I don't know why I never put it in the wallet). I lifted my purse and heard the coins clinking together, at this point I am going through every pocket in the purse...Nothing.

All my change has fallen into the abyss through a small hole right on the seam of the pocket. I can not get my fingers in the hole to reach the coins so I ripped it a bit larger. I started getting some coins out. It seemed like it was never ending trying to get all the money out ,but by the time I did, I counted a little over twelve dollars.

I am amazed at how lightweight my purse it now.

Why do I let all these coins accumulate in my purse until I can no longer carry it for any length of time?

I gave all the pennies to Zack for his "penny bank." (He will not call it a piggy bank.) He was as happy as a clam putting in all those pennies. He did well with counting the up to ten.

And just a little funny from Zack this morning...

This morning before Kris left for work he told Zack to be good for mommy today.
Instead of saying alright or okay like he normally does. Zack looks at Kris and says "You be good for your boss today."


Kristin said...

You should bring those coins to the bank. It really adds up after a while. Start a little account for Z.

ParentingPink said...

I am always amazed whenever I clean out my purse at how much "junk" accumulates there and how much change is hiding at the bottom! Glad I'm not the only one :-)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Love your son's comment to your husband! How sweet is that!
I'll take some change!!! Actually, I won't-I will go search my purse-I bet I am rich if I count it all!