Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The crack heard 'round the world.

In June, Kris decided to go play paintball.  Instead of playing though, he broke his leg and messed up his ankle pretty bad. So bad in fact that he needed surgery. There was no set it in a cast and let it heal. No, when my husband does something, he does it to the fullest! He broke the leg in several places, shattered and splintered the bone, and he moved his ankle out of place. All of which needed repair. What was supposed to be a two hour out patient surgery turned into a two day hospital visit. He now sports a titanium plate and more screws than the local hardware store carries but there are still bits of bone that are not secured. They were too small to be screwed. He also has a Syndesmosis tight rope across his ankle which keeps it in place. He was in a boot for over 2 months, now he is down to an ankle brace. He has a knee walker which allowed him to get around easier than using crutches, right now he only uses that for work because there is a lot of walking around the plant. He uses one crutch while at home and hobbles around with that.
He goes to physical therapy now so hopefully one day soon he will be able to walk again without the use of accessories.

I learned a few things from this.
1. All paintball gear will be taken away April 1 from now on, and not be returned until after all summer vacations have been taken and enjoyed.
2.When a man says he 'thinks' he sprained his ankle... he's not being truthful.
3. The sound of Velcro being ripped open in the middle of the night can cause a person to loose her mind and she should not be held accountable for her actions.
4. I am not now, nor will I ever be a nurse.
5. Paintball is not for old...er people.
6. That Hawaiian vacation that I have talked about for years has now become a mandatory, extended stay vacation...
7. I will be at least 5 people ahead of Kris whenever we have to board an airplane. Security!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hello again...

It's been a long while since I last posted, a lot has happened since then so in the next few days I will bring this blog up to speed.

First I will start with...

Zack finished out 3rd grade having kept a straight A report card all year long. He was put into the academically gifted program for both reading and math. He met the personal goal he set for AR (reading) and he received a medal for being top reader in his class. It amazes me how smart that kid is. School has started already for this year and so far 4th grade has been so good. He likes his teacher, he's happy that a couple of his buddies are in the same class and he is already asking to sign up for different clubs and programs. He came home yesterday telling me he signed up for battle of the books. He has already finished reading the first book.

He went to 2 camps over the summer. The first was soccer camp that was held during the day for five days. He loved it and by the second day he was begging to make sure he gets signed up for it again next year. I thought he would be absolutely miserable because it was nearly 100 degrees each day but even though he was hot he had a blast.
The second camp was Webloes camp. Webloes are 4th year cub scouts and Webloes camp is an away from home for 4 days camp. This one did not go so well. He had been looking forward to going for the longest time but when Kris broke his leg he was not able to go as a leader, Zack wanted no part of it. I made him go. He called home crying the first night, I felt miserable not going to pick him up but I knew he was in good hands. He was bitten by fire ants and had to go to the medic, he was freaked out by the bugs in his tent, it just seems like whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. He called home each night asking for me to come pick him up but I knew he was having some fun during the day and it was just the nights that was upsetting him the most, so I kept telling him to stick with it and he will be glad he did. He wasn't very happy with me when I finally did pick him up, he told me he felt like I abandoned him. Hello heart break!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Report card time

Zacks first report card of 3rd grade is straight A's. I have to admit I was worried going into this school year. Worried over the continuous testing, and the fact the year did not start off very well. I was also worried because he missed so much school already.
I will sit back now and just smile for a bit, oh wait I do not have that option. Its science fair time...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The good the bad and the ugly.

We will start with the ugly and work our way to the good. 

The ugly:
School started back a month ago and its been a long rocky road already. Day one Zack came off the bus complaining that he wanted to be home schooled. Not a great way to start the year. He is not adjusting very well and has more melt downs than normal. I really don't understand all the meltdowns but we are working on things as they come and trying to deal with any problems we can. I can only hope things get better and this isn't going to be a terrible year.

The bad:
Soccer has also started back. He's on a new team this season. He hurt his leg in practice one day and was limping for days. Just when we thought he was on the mend he was kicked in a game and that started the whole process of healing all over again. He will get through it.

The good:
Scouts has started back and that seems to be something he's comfortable with and enjoying. He's having a good time hanging with his buddies. He looks forward to going to the meetings. I am so thankful we have made some great friends in our pack.

With any luck the bad and the ugly will start to get better soon and things will not be so stressful.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lesson probably not learned...

Recently while in the grocery store Zack turned to me and started begging. "Please Mom, I really want to try it, I promise I will eat it." Knowing my son as well as I do I said no because I know he would not eat this item that he was begging for.
He continued his begging. I continued saying no.
Not really having the patience at the time I eventually and reluctantly agreed but made sure I told him that I knew he would not like it. "Oh yes I will Mom. Oh and we will need crackers to go with it."
Rolling my eyes knowing it was money that was going in the trash.

That very afternoon  I heard "Mom can I have it now, please?" So I made up a plate and set it on the table for him. He quickly put it in his mouth and almost immediately made a face. Just as quickly as he put it in his mouth is a quickly as he spit it out. "I do believe I heard a 'that is gross' come out of this childs mouth.

At this point I took the moment to repeat what I said in the store... that he would not like it! This was my opportunity to remind him that I am always right and he should never question me again! Really when is the child going to learn I am Queen and should never ever be questioned?!

What is this disgusting thing that I speak of?

None of than...