Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The crack heard 'round the world.

In June, Kris decided to go play paintball.  Instead of playing though, he broke his leg and messed up his ankle pretty bad. So bad in fact that he needed surgery. There was no set it in a cast and let it heal. No, when my husband does something, he does it to the fullest! He broke the leg in several places, shattered and splintered the bone, and he moved his ankle out of place. All of which needed repair. What was supposed to be a two hour out patient surgery turned into a two day hospital visit. He now sports a titanium plate and more screws than the local hardware store carries but there are still bits of bone that are not secured. They were too small to be screwed. He also has a Syndesmosis tight rope across his ankle which keeps it in place. He was in a boot for over 2 months, now he is down to an ankle brace. He has a knee walker which allowed him to get around easier than using crutches, right now he only uses that for work because there is a lot of walking around the plant. He uses one crutch while at home and hobbles around with that.
He goes to physical therapy now so hopefully one day soon he will be able to walk again without the use of accessories.

I learned a few things from this.
1. All paintball gear will be taken away April 1 from now on, and not be returned until after all summer vacations have been taken and enjoyed.
2.When a man says he 'thinks' he sprained his ankle... he's not being truthful.
3. The sound of Velcro being ripped open in the middle of the night can cause a person to loose her mind and she should not be held accountable for her actions.
4. I am not now, nor will I ever be a nurse.
5. Paintball is not for old...er people.
6. That Hawaiian vacation that I have talked about for years has now become a mandatory, extended stay vacation...
7. I will be at least 5 people ahead of Kris whenever we have to board an airplane. Security!!!

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