Sunday, May 29, 2011

All Zack, All the time.

"Mom, I just do not feel so well."
"What is wrong?"
"Well my belly doesn't feel good."
"Why doesn't your belly feel good?"
"It doesn't feel good because it feels like I have not had any candy in a day, so I think I should get a piece of candy to make it feel better."
"Nice try kid but the answer is no."
"Oh Mom, that just is not fair."

It is amazing what he will try to pull to get a piece of candy.


I woke up one morning feeling really tired, I did not get enough sleep at all and my legs were killing me. So I told Zack I was not feeling so well and he wanted to know what was wrong. I told him my legs hurt, I was tired and I had heartburn. He ran out of my room, into the kitchen and brought me a glass of water. As he was handing me the water he said "Mom drink this water it will cool down your heartburn so it won't be so hot anymore." Such a sweet kid!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Men hate Chick Flicks!

On the way home from school today Zack was telling me a little bit about his day.

"Hey Mom guess what?"

"What Zack."

"Nancy brought in a girl movie today and girl movies are ick."

"What movie did she bring in?"

In between the giggles he says "she brought in Barbie and Barbie is disgusting, it is for girls."

"Well did you watch it."

"Well we watched some of it but girl movies are ick and boys should not be watching them!"

So there you have it, the start of the whole men hate chick flicks begins at the tender age of 5!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mohawks and colored hair.

That's it, I don't think I will be taking Zack to see 'Daddy's work girls' again.
Last week when my truck was at the mechanics I dropped Kris off at work and took his car.
When it was time to pick him up, he asked if I could come a few minutes early so the girls at the front desk could see Zack. No problem.
We get there and Zack runs straight into Kris' office. He plays around with the computer and stuff for a few minutes then we go see the girls. After saying hi to Miss Angie he headed over to Miss Cami. He proceeded to tell her about seeing her son doing the weather on TV. Then she started telling him how her boys asked her if they could have blue hair and she is going to let them. This planted the seed into my child's head.
You see he has been asking for a while now if I would put his hair up like a Mohawk. I get away with not being able to because we do not have the gel to do that. (Thank goodness he has not remembered to ask for it in the stores).
This morning after combing Zack's hair he tells me he wants to have some color in his hair and some of that stuff to make a Mohawk. I just started shaking my head. He then tells me he just knows that next time we take him to the hair cutting place that they can put some color in there and I can get some stuff to put his hair in a Mohawk.
What the heck am I going to do if he really remembers next time we get his hair cut?
Oh I know what I will do, I will send Miss Cami the bill for my psychiatric counseling sessions!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


When Zack was eating his lunch this afternoon he looked at me, pointed to his tongue and said "Hey Mom, did you know there are Taste Bugs on your tongue?"

I giggled and looked at him, then he realized what he said and giggled and corrected himself.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Butter me up.

Zack is a lover of fried egg sandwiches. He would eat them everyday, multiple times a day if I let him.
When he woke up this morning he told me he couldn't think of what he wanted for breakfast which usually means 'I am thinking egg sandwich but if I say it you will tell me no'.
Of course I let him have an egg sandwich this morning. He was kind enough to get out the bread and the mayo while I was busy cooking the egg. He also made his own strawberry milk this morning.
Once he was seated at the table and eating I asked him how it was. He had a mouth full of sandwich so he replied with a big old smile and a thumbs up. Once he swallowed he looked at me and said "Hey Mom, you and your mother make the best egg sandwiches." (Sure kid, you know you won't get anymore if you don't butter me up).

After he finished the sandwich, he said "Mom, I give you three thumbs up for that sandwich".

He's looking for something I just know it. Now to find out what it is.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day. Zack informed me the night before that I was going to sleep in because he was going to call for dad when he woke up. He did let me know that if dad did not come he would call for me and I was going to have to wake dad up but then I had to go back to sleep.

Of course I knew several days in advance that I was getting breakfast in bed. My son can not yet keep a secret.

So breakfast in bed it was.

Notice the pancake decorated how a 5 year old boy would want it. My pancake had whip cream hair, banana eyes, chocolate chip nose and m&m mouth. The chocolate milk according to Zack was the best he ever made. It was a yummy breakfast but the chef thought he needed to share it with me. I think he ate more than I did.

Along with breakfast in bed, I received this beautiful vase made for me especially by my up and coming carpenter. Of course he and dad clipped the rose off one of my bushes that they bought me last Mothers day. I love it!

During the afternoon we went to the Duke Gardens and walked around. It is a very beautiful place to go walk around and get some ideas on flowers for the yard. Thankfully it was not too hot out and we were able to enjoy it without being overheated. I do wish my child would stop and smell the roses instead of having to be the one in the lead.

When we left there we met up with David, Lilly and Indigo. We went out to eat. I did not want to wait so we chose a restaurant that did not have tons of people waiting outside. Red Robin it was. the food was good, the child was cranky, the service was okay. I ordered a salad and I did not realize the others at the table was placing a friendly bet on how much of it I would actually eat. The thing was huge! I ate about a fourth of it before I called it quits.

It was a good day.