Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mohawks and colored hair.

That's it, I don't think I will be taking Zack to see 'Daddy's work girls' again.
Last week when my truck was at the mechanics I dropped Kris off at work and took his car.
When it was time to pick him up, he asked if I could come a few minutes early so the girls at the front desk could see Zack. No problem.
We get there and Zack runs straight into Kris' office. He plays around with the computer and stuff for a few minutes then we go see the girls. After saying hi to Miss Angie he headed over to Miss Cami. He proceeded to tell her about seeing her son doing the weather on TV. Then she started telling him how her boys asked her if they could have blue hair and she is going to let them. This planted the seed into my child's head.
You see he has been asking for a while now if I would put his hair up like a Mohawk. I get away with not being able to because we do not have the gel to do that. (Thank goodness he has not remembered to ask for it in the stores).
This morning after combing Zack's hair he tells me he wants to have some color in his hair and some of that stuff to make a Mohawk. I just started shaking my head. He then tells me he just knows that next time we take him to the hair cutting place that they can put some color in there and I can get some stuff to put his hair in a Mohawk.
What the heck am I going to do if he really remembers next time we get his hair cut?
Oh I know what I will do, I will send Miss Cami the bill for my psychiatric counseling sessions!

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