Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day. Zack informed me the night before that I was going to sleep in because he was going to call for dad when he woke up. He did let me know that if dad did not come he would call for me and I was going to have to wake dad up but then I had to go back to sleep.

Of course I knew several days in advance that I was getting breakfast in bed. My son can not yet keep a secret.

So breakfast in bed it was.

Notice the pancake decorated how a 5 year old boy would want it. My pancake had whip cream hair, banana eyes, chocolate chip nose and m&m mouth. The chocolate milk according to Zack was the best he ever made. It was a yummy breakfast but the chef thought he needed to share it with me. I think he ate more than I did.

Along with breakfast in bed, I received this beautiful vase made for me especially by my up and coming carpenter. Of course he and dad clipped the rose off one of my bushes that they bought me last Mothers day. I love it!

During the afternoon we went to the Duke Gardens and walked around. It is a very beautiful place to go walk around and get some ideas on flowers for the yard. Thankfully it was not too hot out and we were able to enjoy it without being overheated. I do wish my child would stop and smell the roses instead of having to be the one in the lead.

When we left there we met up with David, Lilly and Indigo. We went out to eat. I did not want to wait so we chose a restaurant that did not have tons of people waiting outside. Red Robin it was. the food was good, the child was cranky, the service was okay. I ordered a salad and I did not realize the others at the table was placing a friendly bet on how much of it I would actually eat. The thing was huge! I ate about a fourth of it before I called it quits.

It was a good day.

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