Sunday, May 29, 2011

All Zack, All the time.

"Mom, I just do not feel so well."
"What is wrong?"
"Well my belly doesn't feel good."
"Why doesn't your belly feel good?"
"It doesn't feel good because it feels like I have not had any candy in a day, so I think I should get a piece of candy to make it feel better."
"Nice try kid but the answer is no."
"Oh Mom, that just is not fair."

It is amazing what he will try to pull to get a piece of candy.


I woke up one morning feeling really tired, I did not get enough sleep at all and my legs were killing me. So I told Zack I was not feeling so well and he wanted to know what was wrong. I told him my legs hurt, I was tired and I had heartburn. He ran out of my room, into the kitchen and brought me a glass of water. As he was handing me the water he said "Mom drink this water it will cool down your heartburn so it won't be so hot anymore." Such a sweet kid!

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