Sunday, May 31, 2009

The birds

It was driving me nuts hearing birds scratching around in the vents on the back of the house, especially the one closest to my bedroom window. So Kris made a trip to Home Depot and bought some vent covers and installed them. Yeah, no scratching anymore.

The neighbors were having the same problem. So yesterday they covered their vents as well, only there were babies in one of vents. They removed the nest and put it and the babies in a box near the vents so the mother could come back for them.

She came back and brought all her posse with her! They were swooping all over their yard and ours. They lined the fence and even had a look out in the front yard!

I felt like we were in the movie "The Birds".

Right now things have settled down but I am sure they will be back and nesting in someone elses vents very soon.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


"Mommy, I want to paint"

When I heard this I said alright (only because it is water paint).

Then I was starting to tell him to go to his seat at the table but I was interrupted with him telling me he needed to have his 'painting suit' on.

I had no clue what a painting suit was. He went to the hall closet and showed me the smock I had hanging up there. I had completely forgotten about it.

Last year I had bought one of those lovely vinyl/plastic smocks to keep his clothing clean when he was going to help me paint with something other than water paint. He has worn it once, oh so long ago. So why he needed it I don't know but we put it on him anyway.

He painted...

and painted...

and painted.

When he was finally finished he told me I needed to leave his painting alone so it can dry.

He came back a few minutes later and told me it was dry and I needed to hang it on the refrigerator.

So I have a lovely painting of Wall-E to hang on my refrigerator.

Now to the important question what to do with all the paintings and drawing that are displayed on the refrigerator? They have to come down sometime and go somewhere.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all of our soldiers (past, present and future) for protecting this country we call home.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Zack loves oatmeal. I am grateful he loves it so much.

He has never had the stuff that comes from a box.
He does not even know you can get oatmeal from a packet.
All he knows is mom says 'stay away from the stove until it is done'.

I know I am being very hypocritical because the one and only oatmeal I eat is Quaker Maple Brown Sugar (from a packet). I know it is awful that I don't eat the same good stuff I feed my child.

I chose not to give him the instant packets for two reasons.

First being I control the sugar level. The majority of time he does not get any sugar in his oatmeal, which brings me to the second reason. I can come up with a lot more flavors than the limited selection I see in the stores. It only takes a little pureed fruit to make a bowl flavorful. Don't tell anyone but if something is not in season, I will go to the baby food section and pick up a few jars. I know I can make and freeze my own but I am to lazy to do that.

Today he asked for a special oatmeal for breakfast. When he asks for special oatmeal, that can only mean one thing.


I just put about a tablespoon of chocolate chips and maybe about a quarter cup of mini marshmallows on top of the piping hot oatmeal. No, I do not add anything else but this to him is special.

Now I am in no way putting anyone down who does feed themselves or their children the oatmeal from the packet. I just find myself trying to feed my son a little differently than I feed myself.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The easy things in life.

I seriously felt like that Rice Krispies commercial that use to air. You know, this one.
I love when she throws flour in her face, that little extra zing to make her family think she really went to any trouble.

Although he didn't have Rice Krispie Treats seeing Zacks expression over his 'special' dessert after dinner last night was priceless.

Seeing his expression you would have thought I slaved over a hot oven for hours on end. Little does he know it took me all of thirty seconds to make.

I broke up a graham cracker and layered graham crackers then chocolate pudding more graham crackers them more chocolate pudding, topped with some whipping cream and sliced strawberries. He ate everything in the bowl, and asked for more.

To him there was never a better dessert.

If only everything were that easy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yard Sale

We put some stuff together and participated in a yard sale held at a local church. We mostly had some baby clothes out there and we did not do half bad for what we had.

Fortunately Kris is willing to help out now and then :) because Friday I started feeling a bit yucky. Major headache all day, light headed, and of course by that night I could not stay away from the bathroom. So by the time 5:30 am rolled around I just couldn't go. Kris went on without me to allow me a bit more time to sleep it off.

When I got there I was still not feeling so great but better than I had been. We sold some stuff and made a bit of money.

Some guy kept coming back to the table looking at a certain toy. I know while I was there he came back to the table 4 times, he did not buy it. Go figure.

Unfortunately we did not have access to the bathrooms in the church so I wound up driving Zack somewhere to use the restroom. With any luck if they hold the next sale at the same place we will have access to the bathroom.

Oh yeah and shortly after we returned home, Zack was having a hard time staying out of the bathroom so whatever the cause, it was pretty terrible for him. Thankfully we are over it now.

Oh and by the way I refrained from purchasing anything while there! I walked around but didn't let myself get to close to the tables. LOL

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Funny funny child.

Oh this child of mine has a sense of humor and does not even know it.

Last night Zack and I were watching some television. He was getting a bit annoyed because I did not have cartoons on so when I finally did turn them on he was as happy as could be.

He pipes up "Mommy I love you!"
So of course my heart starts melting.

Then not even one minute later he looks at me and says "Mommy, why you so old?"

He giveth and he taketh away!!

Today we invited Kris out to lunch so we picked him up from work and drove over to the pizza place. Of course Mr. Zack was super excited because we had not been there in a long time and he loves going to the pizza shop that has the man 'frowing' the pizza.

Anyway we finish up and get into the car to take Kris back to work and Zack says "Daddy fank you for having wunch wif me". Kris replied with a thank you for inviting me.

I started to snicker and told Zack that Daddy was the only person in the world you could 'invite' for lunch and have him pay.

The little stinker says "No mommy, he not a person he DA MAN!"

See how it has been, he builds mom up just to knock her down again but that daddy dude he just gets an inflated ego!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To all the mothers out there
I wish you a

Happy Mothers Day

Here is a little chuckle for you to enjoy.

This morning I asked Zack what Daddy was making for breakfast. His response was "Daddy make 'fresh day old toast' for you!" Now I don't know about you but that did not sound appealing to me until I found out it was 'french toast'. LOL

Friday, May 8, 2009

KFC Coupon Raincheck Info

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Zack is most definitely an outdoors child.

He always wants to be outdoors. It does not matter if it is in the back yard, at the park or taking a walk. He just wants to be outside.

We went for a walk yesterday then he was able to play on the playground for a little while before he had to get home.

After dinner Kris and I decided to go out and work some more on the garden we are planting so of course Zack does not miss out on the chance to go outside. What a sight he was. Just picture in your mind a bright yellow Mickey Mouse t-shirt, navy and gray shorts, and black and red Fireman boots! I love how kids can get away with dressing like that and people still think it is cute.

He was into everything he could possible get his grubby little hands on. Normally I don't mind but if he picked up the open seed packets once he picked them up 50 times! He just did not get it that we needed those seeds for the garden and not the ground. I have a feeling in a few weeks I will have beans or peas growing in my back yard and I will know exactly where they came from.

He tried helping dig holes to plant but I ended up with a lot of dirt on me, I am pretty sure Kris had dirt on him all courtesy of the helper. So he was not all that much help there. Then he wanted to play in his sandbox. So off he went.

Only to come back 10 minutes later wanting to go inside. The one evening we are out there doing something of importance, he wants to go inside! Once I brought out the hose to water down the garden he was all happy to help with that and very sad to see it shut off.

With any luck we will get the garden finished this weekend and can look forward to some fresh food.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC

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It is a limited time only download so do it now.

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Dear Mom.

I hate to say it so publicly but this is the only way.

I disown you!

Such a sad thing to say just days before Mother's Day but you leave me no choice.

A mother is supposed to take her daughters side. You failed to do that when your Son In-Law called you trying to get out of work. You sided with him and now I know you love him more.

When your Son In-Law called and asked if you remember there being anything in the marriage contract saying that for every 2 loads of dirt he hauled to the backyard that I had to haul 1. You said it should be 50/50. Are you crazy woman? Do you know how much those bags weigh? Do you realize I am older than him? Well, do you?

When I put you on speaker phone and I told my husband that he needs to do the cooking now because I have done more than my fair share I did not hear you saying 50/50 then.

I never thought you would take his side over mine but now I know.
Oh wait I get it...

He paid you to say that didn't he? How much did I go for?
Come on you can tell me the truth he won't read the blog today, he will never know you told me.

Come on Spill it woman or I will send the boy your way for a week. What punishment that would be.

(aka your daughter, the favorite one)

PS Good thing my mom has a sense of humor.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Can someone please explain to me why a 3 year old can not poo or pee if mom is in the bathroom with him but that same 3 year old must be in the bathroom while mom is trying to go?

Zack is potty trained and is doing great! He put up such a fight not wanting to but mom is a bit strong willed and made it happen.

Now the only problems are whenever he has to go he tells me I need to stay out so he can go. Then he shuts the door.
The other problem we have is annoying but I will deal with it...for a while. It does not matter where we are or how long we are going to be there all I hear is "Mommy I need to use the 'westwoom'! Most of the time he does not need to go. It is like he just needs to know it is there and available to him. I really hope this is a short lived phase because it gets annoying having to stop what I am doing to take him only to hear he does have to go.