Friday, May 8, 2009


Zack is most definitely an outdoors child.

He always wants to be outdoors. It does not matter if it is in the back yard, at the park or taking a walk. He just wants to be outside.

We went for a walk yesterday then he was able to play on the playground for a little while before he had to get home.

After dinner Kris and I decided to go out and work some more on the garden we are planting so of course Zack does not miss out on the chance to go outside. What a sight he was. Just picture in your mind a bright yellow Mickey Mouse t-shirt, navy and gray shorts, and black and red Fireman boots! I love how kids can get away with dressing like that and people still think it is cute.

He was into everything he could possible get his grubby little hands on. Normally I don't mind but if he picked up the open seed packets once he picked them up 50 times! He just did not get it that we needed those seeds for the garden and not the ground. I have a feeling in a few weeks I will have beans or peas growing in my back yard and I will know exactly where they came from.

He tried helping dig holes to plant but I ended up with a lot of dirt on me, I am pretty sure Kris had dirt on him all courtesy of the helper. So he was not all that much help there. Then he wanted to play in his sandbox. So off he went.

Only to come back 10 minutes later wanting to go inside. The one evening we are out there doing something of importance, he wants to go inside! Once I brought out the hose to water down the garden he was all happy to help with that and very sad to see it shut off.

With any luck we will get the garden finished this weekend and can look forward to some fresh food.

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