Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Mom.

I hate to say it so publicly but this is the only way.

I disown you!

Such a sad thing to say just days before Mother's Day but you leave me no choice.

A mother is supposed to take her daughters side. You failed to do that when your Son In-Law called you trying to get out of work. You sided with him and now I know you love him more.

When your Son In-Law called and asked if you remember there being anything in the marriage contract saying that for every 2 loads of dirt he hauled to the backyard that I had to haul 1. You said it should be 50/50. Are you crazy woman? Do you know how much those bags weigh? Do you realize I am older than him? Well, do you?

When I put you on speaker phone and I told my husband that he needs to do the cooking now because I have done more than my fair share I did not hear you saying 50/50 then.

I never thought you would take his side over mine but now I know.
Oh wait I get it...

He paid you to say that didn't he? How much did I go for?
Come on you can tell me the truth he won't read the blog today, he will never know you told me.

Come on Spill it woman or I will send the boy your way for a week. What punishment that would be.

(aka your daughter, the favorite one)

PS Good thing my mom has a sense of humor.

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