Sunday, May 3, 2009


Can someone please explain to me why a 3 year old can not poo or pee if mom is in the bathroom with him but that same 3 year old must be in the bathroom while mom is trying to go?

Zack is potty trained and is doing great! He put up such a fight not wanting to but mom is a bit strong willed and made it happen.

Now the only problems are whenever he has to go he tells me I need to stay out so he can go. Then he shuts the door.
The other problem we have is annoying but I will deal with it...for a while. It does not matter where we are or how long we are going to be there all I hear is "Mommy I need to use the 'westwoom'! Most of the time he does not need to go. It is like he just needs to know it is there and available to him. I really hope this is a short lived phase because it gets annoying having to stop what I am doing to take him only to hear he does have to go.


Kristin said...

AJ has no trouble going when I am in the room, he also has no trouble going on the floor or in his underpants. I can't wait until I can pee by myself again.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Tips please! My just turned three year old is now CRYING if I ask him to go on the potty!!!
Give me a break! I gave him candy when he did a pee one time, so I am confused as to why he is traumatized...

Leah said...

Ruby Red, take it slow. Reading books on the potty is a great thing. Then I spent an entire day and some time the following days cleaning the carpet when I put him in underpants and said no more day time diapers.
Pooing was the hardest. He begged for a diaper to poo in and I let him have it for a while. Then one day I said no and put him on the potty and there was fear but he did it. Now he is an old pro. LOL
It is hard but when your little one is ready he will do it.