Friday, May 22, 2009


Zack loves oatmeal. I am grateful he loves it so much.

He has never had the stuff that comes from a box.
He does not even know you can get oatmeal from a packet.
All he knows is mom says 'stay away from the stove until it is done'.

I know I am being very hypocritical because the one and only oatmeal I eat is Quaker Maple Brown Sugar (from a packet). I know it is awful that I don't eat the same good stuff I feed my child.

I chose not to give him the instant packets for two reasons.

First being I control the sugar level. The majority of time he does not get any sugar in his oatmeal, which brings me to the second reason. I can come up with a lot more flavors than the limited selection I see in the stores. It only takes a little pureed fruit to make a bowl flavorful. Don't tell anyone but if something is not in season, I will go to the baby food section and pick up a few jars. I know I can make and freeze my own but I am to lazy to do that.

Today he asked for a special oatmeal for breakfast. When he asks for special oatmeal, that can only mean one thing.


I just put about a tablespoon of chocolate chips and maybe about a quarter cup of mini marshmallows on top of the piping hot oatmeal. No, I do not add anything else but this to him is special.

Now I am in no way putting anyone down who does feed themselves or their children the oatmeal from the packet. I just find myself trying to feed my son a little differently than I feed myself.

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Whittenx5 said...

Do you mind sharing how you make the oatmeal? Special combination of water or milk and oatmeal? You are doing wonderful to feed your son oatmeal. I can't say either of my older kids ever had oatmeal beyond the poor excuse of oatmeal they have in the baby food section.