Monday, September 26, 2011

The cheese cracker thief.

Today I made Zack some homemade cheese crackers. I mixed it all up before he came home and I let the dough sit in the refrigerator while I went to go pick him up from the bus stop. I told him he had to wait a little while for his after school snack. I popped them in the oven and he kept coming over to check out the oven and see if they were done. When I pulled them out he immediately went to the table and sat there waiting. It was funny to watch him sit there even though I had told him they had to cool down before he could eat some.

I put some on a plate for him and he went to town eating them. I asked him how they were and he gave me a thumbs up, apparently he was to busy chowing down and did not want to stop eating. When he was finished he told me "Mom you have to let me take these for snack time in school tomorrow." I asked if they were good and he smiled and said "Mom they were awesome, you need to make these everyday!" The funny thing was I went into my room to get something done, a little while later I came out and my sneaky little man had been stealing some the whole time, half the bowl was gone!

I guess they are a big hit and I need to keep these in stock. The only problem is I think I am going to have to put them under lock and key if I expect them to last more than a few hours.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

He is growing.

This is Zack's second season in soccer. He is doing so well this season. First and foremost his attitude has gotten so much better. He encourages his teammates, he (for the most part) listens to everything his coach tells him and he tries. He does not wait until the ball comes to him, he goes after it. If the other team has the ball close to his goal, he will do what needs to be done to protect that goal.

On Saturday we arrived at the fields. He did a bit of practice before the game was to start. When his coach gathered them around for the pep talk, I over heard him tell his coach he was not feeling well. This was not a good thing to hear considering only 5 kids showed up for the game :(

Each of those 5 kids had to play the entire game. They only had a 5 minute break for halftime. Well 1 little girl had another break because she was stung while playing. When the game ended Zack was tired. He had been running his little heart out. He played so well and he scored his first goal. He clapped a bit but the excitement was just not there. I know it is was because he was not feeling well.

When we left he asked if he could eat lunch then go rest. My child never wants to rest. By the time we reached home he was telling me he had to throw up. Thankfully he did not. After eating a half piece of toast, he laid down in bed and fell asleep within 2 minutes. When he woke up 2 hours later he felt much better. It just made me realize he played hard out on that field even though he did not feel well. He is growing up.

Last night he had another game and he was doing well. He just missed out on two goals. One the ball went just right of the goal. He did not let himself get upset over it though. He got back out there and tried again. The second one I know disappointed him a bit but he kept on playing. You see we all thought it was going in but it hit the goal post and went out.

He is growing up and not only learning the rules of the game but he is learning how to carry on through all the things that life has to throw at him.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweatpants already?

What is a mom to do?

The weather has turned cool and so the time has come to retire those shorts and resort to the long pants to cover those little legs.

The number one problem with that is my son really dislikes wearing pants, he really dislikes wearing socks too but that is another story. I have given up on making him wear jeans, that is just a struggle I do not want to fight everyday. His wardrobe consists of sweatpants, sweatpants and more sweatpants. I wonder what his school is going to think seeing him in sweats everyday?

It is a challenge to even get the sweatpants on him but it is better than trying to get him to wear jeans.

The few times I have gotten him to wear jeans in the past were small miracles. I am hoping one day he will come out of it. The only other option is to pack up, sell the house, move somewhere where it never gets cold... but I am thinking my husband would not really agree to that.

Friday, September 9, 2011


This morning I just had to smile :)

I walked Zack to the bus stop this morning. We stopped a few houses away from the bus stop to pet a little dog that was outside with it's owner. All the kids waiting for the bus were gathered around to pet the dog. When I saw the bus coming I let all the kids know and Zack kissed me goodbye and ran the rest of the way to the stop without me. When he got on the bus he slid down the window and waved. He continued to wave until we could not see each other anymore. Gosh I love that kid!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hero's day.

Zack is super excited about going to school tomorrow. He has been talking about it for days now.

He learned about 9-11 in school the other day. He came home telling me all about some bad guys that crashed two planes in a place called the twin towers ("they are two towers that look like twins"). He told me about lots of people that died and some people that didn't. Then he went on to explain how his school is going to have some Hero's come to his school. I asked him if he knew what a Hero is and he said "yes, Hero's are fire men, police men, EMT and padmedics". For those of you who don't know what a padmedic is, they are also known as paramedics.

So tomorrow is the day his school is hosting local Hero's. He is excited to meet them. The school requested that everyone wear red, white, and blue. He actually came home from school today and told me he wanted to take my camera to school with him tomorrow so he can take pictures. While I think this is wonderful that he would want to do that there is no way on this earth that I am letting my 5 year old take my camera to school. Apparently he does not realize that thing is like another child of mine.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Star Wars

My child is becoming obsessed with Star Wars. A couple months ago Kris dug out the old x-box. He hooked it up and started showing Zack how to play. We only have 2 games the kid can play so it is either Pac-man or Lego Star Wars. He has become obsessed with the Star Wars game.

Yesterday while at the store he went down the toy aisle and was completely excited to see the hundreds of boxes of Star Wars Lego. I think he could have spent hours upon hours in that aisle alone. Every box he wanted to know each characters name. He was fascinated with the Star Wars Lego display.

Then we went to the school supply section and of course he just had to have the Star Wars folder for his homework. We needed a better thermos to keep his stuff cold for lunch so he begged and begged for me to get him the Star Wars. It did not seem to matter that his lunch box is Toy Story themed. I guess Toy Story is so pre-school. He wanted the Star Wars lunch box but that was to cheaply made and he would break it in a week so I said no to that.

Last night I wished I would have had a video camera because while looking at the guide on television he spotted the words Star Wars. He wanted to watch it so I figured what the heck. The level of excitement coming from both him and Indigo was amazing. They were screaming with excited when they saw a character they recognized from the game. It was funny to watch them. They gave it all they had but could not get through the entire movie. Both of them zonked out on the couch. Now Zack wants to watch the movie again. I guess we are going to have to see if the library has a copy of all of them.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The purple cow did him in.

Aw crud, I have damaged my child!

He got off the school bus telling me something was wrong, really wrong today and that he was so sorry. Then he stood there at the bus stop and the tears started rolling, then nearly hyper ventilating, the complete sorrow in those poor little eyes. When I asked him what was wrong all he could tell me was "I am so sorry, I did something wrong at school today." I asked what he did, he cried harder. Seriously what could he have done that was so wrong, so terribly wrong. You can imagine what I was thinking. I seriously thought he misbehaved in school and had a letter for me in his backpack. Oh but I was wrong very wrong, because when he calmed down enough to tell me I wanted to laugh. I knew I couldn't though, that would have sent mixed signals to the already upset child.

Apparently today was purple day in his class (each day is a new color). Basically the highlights of purple day are that they made purple cow puppets and the teacher treated them to a purple cow drink (ice cream with grape soda).

He told me he was so excited to have the snack that the teacher made that he did not eat the snack I packed for him. Then it hit him and he felt bad for drinking soda when that is a big no-no. Oh that after the fact remorse will get you every time kid.

Well the time has come for me to stop saying my son has never had soda. Today he had soda. Of all places he drank it in school. I do not let my son drink soda - at all!

We did talk about it later on and I did tell him I was not upset with him but the rule still stands and he is not to think he can order a soda in a restaurant.

This whole parenting thing stinks when you try to set rules and someone else unknowingly lets them break a rule.I guess I need to work on getting him to make better decisions.

Hello truck, goodbye car.

Someone lift this darn money leaching curse from my household... PLEASE!

Finally after 28 days of not having my truck, we picked it up today at lunch time. I was so thrilled to see Clifford (the name of my truck) sitting there waiting for me. Whenever we pick a vehicle up from the mechanics Kris and I have a deal that he drives it that first day to make sure everything is alright.
We stopped to grab a bite to eat before Kris had to get back to work. He got into my truck and I got into his car. I figured I would stop at the house and put the leftovers in the refrigerator before heading to the store. I pulled up into the driveway, went to put the emergency brake on (we live on a small hill) and the darn thing popped. The spring from inside came flying out pushing the release button out and now the brake will not work! Please let this be an easy fix because I don't think I can handle any more money disappearing from our pockets to the mechanics pocket, nor do I think I can handle another weekend of not having my truck since Kris has to go out of town.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Little notes

I just want to say... Mean kids stink!

Everyday I put a little note in Zack's lunch box. One day it may just say 'have fun', another day it may say 'have a great day' or it may say 'I with a heart u'. This morning my 5 year old asked me not to put any more notes in his lunch box. (Insert sad Mommy face here).

When I asked him why he responded by telling me that R laughs at him and he doesn't want R laughing at him anymore. I asked him if he liked getting the notes in his lunch box and he said yes but he doesn't like people laughing at him.
Big Mommy Sigh.