Monday, September 5, 2011

Star Wars

My child is becoming obsessed with Star Wars. A couple months ago Kris dug out the old x-box. He hooked it up and started showing Zack how to play. We only have 2 games the kid can play so it is either Pac-man or Lego Star Wars. He has become obsessed with the Star Wars game.

Yesterday while at the store he went down the toy aisle and was completely excited to see the hundreds of boxes of Star Wars Lego. I think he could have spent hours upon hours in that aisle alone. Every box he wanted to know each characters name. He was fascinated with the Star Wars Lego display.

Then we went to the school supply section and of course he just had to have the Star Wars folder for his homework. We needed a better thermos to keep his stuff cold for lunch so he begged and begged for me to get him the Star Wars. It did not seem to matter that his lunch box is Toy Story themed. I guess Toy Story is so pre-school. He wanted the Star Wars lunch box but that was to cheaply made and he would break it in a week so I said no to that.

Last night I wished I would have had a video camera because while looking at the guide on television he spotted the words Star Wars. He wanted to watch it so I figured what the heck. The level of excitement coming from both him and Indigo was amazing. They were screaming with excited when they saw a character they recognized from the game. It was funny to watch them. They gave it all they had but could not get through the entire movie. Both of them zonked out on the couch. Now Zack wants to watch the movie again. I guess we are going to have to see if the library has a copy of all of them.

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