Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pleading his case.

He is too smart for his own good!

This morning after Zack had gotten ready for school he still had about ten minutes before we had to leave. He came to me asking if he could watch television, I reminded him he had lost three days for not listening yesterday. (he lost television privileges for three days yesterday for misbehaving at the bus stop). So this morning he tried pleading his case.

Zack: "Mom I know you said I can not watch TV for three days right?"

Me: "That's right so don't even ask."

Zack: "But Mom you said three DAYS right?"

Me: "Yes Zack I said three days."

Zack: "Well then I can watch TV this morning then."

Me: "Umm, no it has not been three days."

Zack: "But Mom this is morning not day time."

I think he is going to make a good lawyer.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My date.

Over the weekend I went on a date. It has been so long since I have been on any date so when this little cutie asked I was all for it. He is funny, smart, fun loving and handsome. He has blond hair and blue eyes. (Who doesn't love a blond with blue eyes?) I was pretty sure he would be coming home with me after our date was over. He took charge of the date and made all the plans (I love a guy who knows what he wants). First we went to dinner at his favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Then after some nice conversation over a good meal of chicken strips and fries, we went off to a wonderland of toys. What is the old saying 'a boy and his toys'? We spent about an hour looking and touching every toy and video game in Target. Let me just say this guy have expensive taste. Then he wanted to continue our date over dessert so i took him home with me and we had a great conversation over brownies and milk. Does it get any better then brownies and milk for a night cap? I don't think so. He was not ready for the date to end so we spent the next hour playing Mario Kart on the Wii. He is very competitive and I could tell he plays this game as often as he can. He certainly would not cut me any slack, at one point he said "hey woman, would you concentrate." (hello, where did he hear that?) He beat me every race we had. He even went so far as to give me a few pointers, which I thought was such a nice thing to do. When I went to use one of his pointers, I found he was not telling the truth and he laughed hysterically saying he could not believe I fell for that! I kept thinking he would at least give me one race but no such luck. His competitiveness is just to high. At the end of the night he gave me a big kiss and told me it was the best date EVER! Then he fell asleep on me. I think I am in love.

Even though he wouldn't let me win any races, I still had an awesome date and I plan to do it again. My husband is going away again this weekend so I have already set up another date with this cutie. I really could get used to this dating thing since he makes it so easy.

By the way when asked where my little man heard that hey woman line, he responded with "In daddyville". Kris is of course denying this but I think his memory is failing him!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I am good for something.

Tonight at dinner I was trying to explain to Kris how to do something. Zack was listening quietly then started to ask questions. When I answered all his questions the little bugger said "OK, I guess we will keep you around!"
Way to make a mom feel loved.

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Duh moment

One morning I was joking around with Zack when he asked for an egg sandwich for breakfast. I told him it would cost him $4.50 for breakfast and that he had to pay up. He was insistent that he get his breakfast for free. When I asked him how much daddies breakfast was going to cost he responded with one hundred two forty. I asked if he meant one hundred two dollars and forty cents. He let me know that he meant one hundred two forty dollars. (Note to self, teach the child about money). He then changed his mind and said "daddies breakfast if going to cost one zillion and nine." I did not want to attempt to figure it out so I asked Kris what one zillion nine pennies would equal. My ever so smart child looked at me with a straight face and said "One zillion and nine pennies would be a lot of pennies."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Go away sickness

My poor little love muffin has an ear infection. Yesterday morning he was fine, no signs of any problems. I sent him off to school and I started my day. At 10:30 his teacher called me and said he was complaining of his ear hurting and that he felt warm. Less than ten minutes later I walked into the school office and he was sitting there waiting for me. He looked miserable. After signing him out of school, I called the pediatricians office for an appointment. When he heard me make the appointment he said "Mom you don't need to make an appointment, I feel one hundred, one million, one trillion zillion times better so I could just go home and watch TV now." ~um, I don't think so child.
By the time we left for the pediatricians office he was miserable. Of course he was already starting to panic about having to go there (nothing I say or do can reassure that child that it is okay to go to the doctor). Turns out he has ear infection in the left ear but there is a lot of fluid in both ears. He also had a fever of nearly 101 degrees. How is it I was able to keep him healthy enough to have only had antibiotics once in the first five years of his life and now he has had to take them twice in the past six months?
He was really upset with me last night because I would not let him go to basketball practice. I promised that if I see improvement by Saturday I would let him play in the game. This morning he woke up saying he did not feel any pain in his ear. I checked his temp and it was normal so he went to school. Lets hope he makes it through the day and I don't have to go pick him up.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart healthy

Do you know what the month of February means? It means it is heart healthy month. Want to know how I know this?

I received a lesson last night in the human anatomy. A lesson given by a five year old who I have to say sure did pay attention is class because he was spot on! Not only did he tell me about keeping your heart healthy but also about the lungs and the veins in the body.

He decided yesterday to jog the whole way to the bus stop, so he did. Then he kept jogging in circles while standing and waiting for the bus. I think had the bus been on time he would have jogged the whole time he was waiting but since the bus was late by fifteen minutes he gave up. He jogged to the bus stop again this morning but did not jog in circles because someone at the bus stop was playing a video game and the pull to watch that was much more important!

One good thing about him jogging to the bus stop, it makes me walk faster to try to keep up with him.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Report cards and notes sent home.

Zack brought home his 2nd quarter report card on Monday. It was a good report card, he is above grade level in reading, writing and math. He is on level with everything else. I can not complain about his report card.

On Tuesday he had a dentist appointment. I was dreading it, as usual. He still has a lot of anxiety when it comes to anything medical. He was nervous but he climbed into the chair to get his x-rays. Once the x rays were done he went into the cleaning room, he climbed into the chair and was happy to see they had the television on. He did well and came out with clean teeth but they want to switch him to morning appointments. They are hoping he will be less fidgety in the mornings. I actually laughed at the hygienist and said "Good luck with that because it never shuts off." At least he came home with a good report card from the dentist too - No cavities.

Wednesday he was in a happy mood going off to school. Coming home from school was another story. I guess it all started when someone cut in front of him in line and did not appreciate that one bit. He told me how it was against the rules to cut in front of someone, so he was not going to let it happen to him. Needless to say he had a note sent home saying he was arguing and pushed someone. Now I get the privilege of meeting with his teacher next week! Yea me :(

He was in a really good mood this morning so I am hoping there is no problems in school. Tomorrow is awards day so we shall see if he does as well this quarter as he did last quarter.