Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart healthy

Do you know what the month of February means? It means it is heart healthy month. Want to know how I know this?

I received a lesson last night in the human anatomy. A lesson given by a five year old who I have to say sure did pay attention is class because he was spot on! Not only did he tell me about keeping your heart healthy but also about the lungs and the veins in the body.

He decided yesterday to jog the whole way to the bus stop, so he did. Then he kept jogging in circles while standing and waiting for the bus. I think had the bus been on time he would have jogged the whole time he was waiting but since the bus was late by fifteen minutes he gave up. He jogged to the bus stop again this morning but did not jog in circles because someone at the bus stop was playing a video game and the pull to watch that was much more important!

One good thing about him jogging to the bus stop, it makes me walk faster to try to keep up with him.

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