Friday, February 10, 2012

Go away sickness

My poor little love muffin has an ear infection. Yesterday morning he was fine, no signs of any problems. I sent him off to school and I started my day. At 10:30 his teacher called me and said he was complaining of his ear hurting and that he felt warm. Less than ten minutes later I walked into the school office and he was sitting there waiting for me. He looked miserable. After signing him out of school, I called the pediatricians office for an appointment. When he heard me make the appointment he said "Mom you don't need to make an appointment, I feel one hundred, one million, one trillion zillion times better so I could just go home and watch TV now." ~um, I don't think so child.
By the time we left for the pediatricians office he was miserable. Of course he was already starting to panic about having to go there (nothing I say or do can reassure that child that it is okay to go to the doctor). Turns out he has ear infection in the left ear but there is a lot of fluid in both ears. He also had a fever of nearly 101 degrees. How is it I was able to keep him healthy enough to have only had antibiotics once in the first five years of his life and now he has had to take them twice in the past six months?
He was really upset with me last night because I would not let him go to basketball practice. I promised that if I see improvement by Saturday I would let him play in the game. This morning he woke up saying he did not feel any pain in his ear. I checked his temp and it was normal so he went to school. Lets hope he makes it through the day and I don't have to go pick him up.

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