Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On Friday June 25, 2010 my son David walked down the aisle of his church and married his best friend Ronnisha (aka. Lilly). Not only did he become a husband he also became a step dad to a cutie pie two year old little girl, Indigo.

The ceremony was a small intimate ceremony with just the bride and groom, the parents, the couple who witnessed the event for them and the kids. It was a short sweet ceremony. During the ceremony I was doing anything I could to keep Zack quiet and yes I even resorted to popping a gold fish or two in his mouth.

They are planning on having a big celebration on their first anniversary for friends and family to join them in celebrating their union.After the wedding had taken place I was joking with David that he should have taken her last name instead of the other way around. David has his fathers last name but Lilly had the same last name as Kris and I. Weird I know.

The ceremony.

The new family (Indigo was not so happy that she had to stop playing for a moment).

The committed.

The family.

Miss Indigo


BTW I still want to know when did I get old enough to have a child get married? I swear I am too young for this. LOL

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shirts galore

"Zack go get your shorts and a shirt."
"So we can get ready to go to grandmas house."
"Oh okay."

He gets a pair of shorts, lays them on the floor.

"Zack where is your shirt?"
"I just want to wear my pajama shirt."
"No sir, go get a shirt from your dresser."

He comes back with not one shirt, not two shirts, but every shirt in the drawer!

"Zack you only have one body you do not need that many shirts."
"But Mom I need them all because I might make a mess."

Now I can not argue that fact with him because he is the messiest eater ever but I certainly do not want to carry the many shirts with us. He reluctantly agrees to bring all but one of them all back to his dresser. Now I have to refold every shirt that he has stuffed into that drawer.

I think I will wait until later to do that.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Silly me.

You know you are having a bad day when your husband comes home from work and looks at you kind of weird and says "So has the day really been that bad?" You roll your eyes at him with a leave me alone look and then he springs into laughter telling you your shirt is not only backward but it is inside out too! DOH!

Thank you mother nature for making it so hot out that I never bothered to go outside!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Purple Fly Poop

Zack comes running in the kitchen this morning yelling "Mommy come quick." I really do not like it when he does this because 9 times out of 10 it is nothing serious.
When I asked him what was wrong he told me there was a problem in the bathroom. Hoping there wasn't tons of water all over the floor I went in to see what the problem could be.
"Look mom there is some kind of sticky stuff over here." While shaking my head in disbelief I let him know it was food from his hands. Now he tells me not so politely I might add that I am just wrong because he didn't get any food on the walls. I try to get him to understand that it really is food that came from his hands when he touched the wall while turning on the light switch.
Only my kid would respond back to that with "But Mom it wasn't me, it's not food, it is purple poop from a fly!" "Zack it is not purple fly poop." "Oh yes it is Mommy."

Later on I am telling Kris about this and Zack lets out a laugh and says "Oh I know what it could be, I bet it was jelly from the peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

And this is what I live with.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

I am known to some as Princess. I do not necessarily act or look the part but when it comes to creepy crawly things I am definitely a Princess. I do not like critters, I will not come close enough to one to ever touch one nor would I come close enough to look one in the eye.

There is a frog living on the grounds of my castle. How dare he decide to take up residence without signing a contract stating he will stay far far away from this princess.

You see he made himself known the day I, the princess and her henchmen were beautifying the grounds. This creature had the nerve to jump out in the direction of your Royal Highness scaring the bleep out of me! Both my henchmen laughed, thinking it was funny that their leader was about to have a heart attack over a frog. Being the wonderful person I am, I allowed this creature to live in the royal flower gardens. He must not have liked this location because several days later he scared the bleep out of the princess a second time.

He had decided to take up residence in another area of the grounds without first gaining approval from the princess. The little henchman that was tending the grounds with the princess thought it very funny when the little slime ball jumped out at her again. Now this little slime ball had taken up residence in the hose reel hideaway box. "OK OK Frog, I will allow you to live there, someone else will have to water the gardens each day."

Now apparently the hose reel box was not roomy enough when the hose was actually rolled up so he moved out. He took up residence under the grill jumping out at the little henchman who was all to excited to see this slimy little creature. "Listen up Slimy you can live under the grill all you want, I will no longer cook outdoors for my loyal servants."

Tonight the large servant and I were taking care of the grounds once again when I the princess bent down to smell the roses only to have that darn little slimy creature hop out of the rose bush. While I was trying to water the rose bush and watch that flippin slime bucket so he did not hop in my direction I leaned into a spider web that I did not see. There was still a spider in the web! I screamed for the large servant to help get the web and the spider from my hair. "Listen up slime bucket, you win! I will no longer be exiting the royal palace. You may have the grounds I am through with your games. From here on out my loyal henchmen will have to take care of the royal grounds while I bellow orders from inside the palace."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The war of the rose bushes.

On Mothers day I received two yellow rose bushes. Very pretty. They had been sitting in the pots since then in the flower bed just waiting for decisions to be made on where to plant them. Finally decided Sunday to get them in the ground before the poor things die. Kris and Zack did the holes, we get the bushes in the ground and give a certain little man warnings that he is to stay away from them.

Then Monday we are outside watering some plants and the neighbors from next door come over. Zack walks his friend over to the rose bushes and gives very specific instructions to stay away from mommies roses or she will spank. My neighbor laughs and tells Zack that she has the same rules about her rose bush.

The kids are playing, I warned twice to stay away from the roses when they were getting to close. Sure enough before I could get the final warning out the neighbor throws the ball dodge ball style at Zack and he runs and tries to duck down landing right smack in the middle of one bush! After getting him up and out then making sure he wasn't seriously hurt I check on the bush.
I am sad to say half of it did not make it, he broke off a good portion of it. I am hoping it does not kill the whole thing.

It is becoming more obvious by the day that I can not have anything nice until Zack is married and buys his own home!

By the way, he did not get spanked although I thought about it and also he is fine, some scratches on his face and leg but nothing major.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Father and Son bonding.

Kris had promised Zack for over a week that he would take him to shoot paintballs. That is all Zack talked about all week. Everyday he would get up and within the first hour he would ask if it was the day daddy was taking him to play paintball at the paintball field. Yesterday was the day.
Now I was not so thrilled with the idea of having my four year old at the paintball field possibly getting hit with a ball. I was told they would only be in the area where you take your gun to test shoot it.

Paintball Guns... check
Goggles... check
Paintballs... check
A snack for a very hungry little man... check
A drink for a very thirsty little man... check
And finally sunscreen applied... check.

Off they go.

When they arrived home, I find out they weren't in the area where you test the gun. No, my four year old was playing paintball on a field all set up with bunkers. Thankfully he was the only one on that field shooting. He loved it. Kris told me he set him up to shoot at the largest bunker, turned around for a second and the little paintball pro was going around shooting at everything.

I think the mask is a bit big for him but apparently that didn't stop him.
Here he is loading the hopper with all the paintballs. (Zack be grateful dad didn't make you clean your own gun like he did me the first time I went to play).
Partners in crime

Here he is on the field.

He needs to learn how to hold the gun a little better.

I asked Zack all about his adventure and he told me "I want to go back sometime." When I told him he had to ask dad he responded with a "I sure will Mom". Then he told me all about Dad using someone else's gun to shoot and how dad said it was OK to do that. When I asked him whose gun he used he said "I used the green one." I said "I know it was green but whose gun is it?" (Kris sit down now) Zack looked at me like I was asking the dumbest question the world and he said "Mom it is my gun!"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Painting weekend

How did you spend your Memorial Day? We spent several days painting Zacks room. After all it was exactly 3 years since we purchased our house, we figured it was really time to get some paint on the walls. There were so many marks on the walls it was ridiculous. You know how builders paint attracts every little mark and makes it stick out even more than it should. I swear they water that stuff down and use half the paint they should. I tried washing the walls but there was a lot of stuff that just would not come off.

It took a lot longer to do his room then we thought it would. The measurements for the stripes were not working out right. When we finally got that all done and painted the white stripes we realized just how bowed the walls are (love the quality workmanship there - NOT). I was pretty amazed at much paint soaked into the walls. We used a paint that has the primer in it to try to save a step.

Once the white stripes were dry we taped off the stripes the way we wanted them, then started in on cutting in the first color.
Of course Zack wanted to help. Here he is learning how to 'roller'. He did not do a bad job at all but gave up to quickly when he realized how much work it was.
We opted to leave two walls solid. Trust me if we were going to be putting in stripes on these walls we would probably still be up there measuring and not have a single drop of paint on the walls yet.
Once we finished painting everything with the lightest color, we started working our way down with the remaining colors. Once all the colors were done we pulled the blue tape to reveal the white stripes. I was pretty amazed at how little bleeding there was, I will admit I expected a lot more. I do think the room turned out great and Zack loves it so I think it was worth giving up our weekend for.

Oh and we used a satin finish so it would be easier to wash the walls down if a certain little man decided to run his toys against the walls again. I will say next time I will put some pure vanilla in the cans of paint before we ever start because here it is several days later and the room still smells bad.

Anyone who knows my husband knows he would prefer to live in a house with all white walls so a great big thank you to Kris for going along with painting the room with stripes and doing something different from the norm.