Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Painting weekend

How did you spend your Memorial Day? We spent several days painting Zacks room. After all it was exactly 3 years since we purchased our house, we figured it was really time to get some paint on the walls. There were so many marks on the walls it was ridiculous. You know how builders paint attracts every little mark and makes it stick out even more than it should. I swear they water that stuff down and use half the paint they should. I tried washing the walls but there was a lot of stuff that just would not come off.

It took a lot longer to do his room then we thought it would. The measurements for the stripes were not working out right. When we finally got that all done and painted the white stripes we realized just how bowed the walls are (love the quality workmanship there - NOT). I was pretty amazed at much paint soaked into the walls. We used a paint that has the primer in it to try to save a step.

Once the white stripes were dry we taped off the stripes the way we wanted them, then started in on cutting in the first color.
Of course Zack wanted to help. Here he is learning how to 'roller'. He did not do a bad job at all but gave up to quickly when he realized how much work it was.
We opted to leave two walls solid. Trust me if we were going to be putting in stripes on these walls we would probably still be up there measuring and not have a single drop of paint on the walls yet.
Once we finished painting everything with the lightest color, we started working our way down with the remaining colors. Once all the colors were done we pulled the blue tape to reveal the white stripes. I was pretty amazed at how little bleeding there was, I will admit I expected a lot more. I do think the room turned out great and Zack loves it so I think it was worth giving up our weekend for.

Oh and we used a satin finish so it would be easier to wash the walls down if a certain little man decided to run his toys against the walls again. I will say next time I will put some pure vanilla in the cans of paint before we ever start because here it is several days later and the room still smells bad.

Anyone who knows my husband knows he would prefer to live in a house with all white walls so a great big thank you to Kris for going along with painting the room with stripes and doing something different from the norm.

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kebj said...

Love it Leah!!!! Want to come do mine? :)