Friday, May 28, 2010

Dental destruction.

Can someone tell me how a 4 year old can not see a large outdoor dining table when running? That same table that has been there for 2 years. That same table he has eaten at many times.

A few of the neighbors kids came over to play last night so there were a lot of silliness going on. Someone said lets play tag, 'game on'! A few minutes into the game and my ever so graceful child runs face first right into the table :(

Poor kid went down hard. The tears, the screams, the cries all came on after a moment of stunned silence. This time he hit teeth on the opposite side of the last incident. There was a bit of blood but nothing like last time. It does not appear to have moved or loosened any of the teeth. (Thanking the Lord for that).

This morning he woke up and his chin has a black and blue on it. Thankfully we aren't planning on getting pictures done anytime soon.

I sit here wondering if my child is on a path of dental destruction. Did I bring it on always telling him he had to brush brush brush to keep those pearly whites? Somehow it just seems like he is trying hard to loose all those pearly whites.

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