Monday, May 10, 2010

The results are in...

David finally received the results of the MRI that was done on his knee. The verdict is not the one I really wanted to hear. He tore his ACL and did some damage to the cartilage. Now he has to have surgery to repair it.

I hope the surgery and the physical therapy are much less harder on him then they were on Kris when he went though the same thing.

As for Zack and his teeth. Well the one tooth that pushed back appears to be in the correct position now so that is not a concern but the other tooth that we fought a long two week battle to save is now a thing of the past. Apparently my child had fun playing with his wiggly tooth using his tongue so when he went to bed a few nights ago it 'just' came out. We geared up for a visit from the tooth fairy, she was so nice to leave 4 quarters for the piggy bank and a gold coin for safe keeping (we could have gotten away with only leaving pennies because that is what Zack is telling everyone she left). The only thing Zack was being insistent on is he wants to keep the tooth so he wrote a letter to the tooth fairy (which he left a Grandmas house so we are real glad that Grandma gave the tooth fairy the letter). The tooth fairy was nice enough to leave a note saying he could hold onto the tooth a little while longer but she is going to want it because it is nice and white and it would look good in her collection. He was satisfied with that.

This is what he looked like a week ago with the wobbly tooth, notice how far down it is compared to the tooth next to it.
Here he is sporting his new look, excuse the wet face he just washed and I didn't realized he never dried.


Katie said...

Sorry about the upcoming surgery!

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

My husband had an ACL replacement surgery, and a torn miniscus fixed twice-
It is not that bad-He will make it through!!!
And your poor little guy!!!
I am hoping all goes well for him-it is tramatic with the little guys :(