Thursday, May 13, 2010

What next?

I am sitting here feeling like a terrible parent.


That's easy to answer.

When my child was an infant I bought him a Bumbo seat. Later on they were recalled. The repair was a sticker to inform you only to set the seat on a floor and keep an eye on your child.

I spent a fortune to buy a better car seat. Later on they were recalled. The repair was just a statement saying not to use the Latch system after your child weighs 50 pounds. Why did I spend so much for a seat that I can not use to the fullest extent?

I put my child to bed in a crib that was bought new for him. Later on after he switched to a bed I see they recalled the cribs. I am waiting on the repair kit.

I bought my child a cute little push buggy car from Step 2. Later on they were recalled. The handle can become unattached while pushing your child in the car. I am waiting on the repair kit.

I bought my child some Thomas the Trains. Later on they are recalled for lead. The train was thrown out.

I bought my child name brand cold medicine and also fever reducers because they are made from a company I trust. Later on they were recalled but the company says they aren't a health risk (sorry I am not buying that). I received my refund check today.

I am getting so irritated that I can not buy things for my child without worrying what damage they will cause to him or to any other child who may use these items. I am feeling like a bad parent even though I know it is nothing that I did wrong nor can I control it.

All these recalls have to stop, what ever happened to quality control? Why aren't these companies testing and retesting their products before they are mass produced? I look around the house and wonder what is going to be recalled next.

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Kristin said...

amen to that. I feel the same way!