Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Angry Birds

We went to Best Buy a few days ago to check out new phones. Mine was getting a bit on the old side and things were not working properly anymore. Kris' was not nearly as old as mine but his was starting to mess up here and there so it was time to get new ones.

The first day we looked and did not buy. While Kris and I were looking Zack found a Samsung Tablet nearby and started moving the screen around and he found the game Angry Birds on there. He played it for quite a while. The next night we (and when I say we I mean Kris) made the decision of which phone he was interested in so we went back to get them. Zack went straight over to the Tablets and started playing Angry Birds again. We were there for nearly two hours and I have to say for the most part Zack played that game and was behaving very good for it being past his bed time.

Once we left there he started begging me to find Angry Birds on daddy's computer. Of course Kris took his computer to work with him so I can not find it yet and I refuse to download it on my computer (my computer is older than my phone was). Each day he asks for me to find it, each day I wonder how my child could have gotten hooked on a silly game so quickly? I know if I don't download it soon he is going to find a way to do it himself.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where is my love?

Zack and I spent the week at the beach last week with Ma, Rae and the kids. We had such a great time that my little man did not want to come home. He let me know that I could go home and that he was staying and going to live at the beach with Ma. Apparently he could live without me :(

One day he was sitting on the couch next to Ma and she said "Zack I love you." He responded back to her with "I love you too." I chimed in and said "Hey what about me?" That little bugger looked at me and said "Mom your chopped liver!"
How rude. lol

I see where I stand, Ma has the beach house so he is going to butter her up as much as possible.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Phone number

Last night Zack was getting irritated because he wanted to go out to play and because he was supposed to have a t-ball game But it was raining and we had a lot of thunder and lightning. He turned and looked at me and said "If only I had God's phone number, then I could call him and tell him to stop the rain."
I laughed and told him God did not have a phone number and that he could talk to him anytime. I then reminded him how he says prayers every night and that is talking to God.
He said "Oh yeah I forgot about that."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pre-k party.

Last Friday was the year end party for Zacks pre-k class and their families. I was in charge of getting it all together so I had been a bit busy dealing with that. It went well for the most part.
We had to pick the kids up early from school and take them over to the local park. Once at the park all the kids decided to hit the playground, that was so much more important to them then eating their lunch. I went down to the playground to take some pictures and two of my sons classmates were swinging on the swings and repeating over and over again "Shit baby diaper". They thought it was hilarious. I tried to get them to stop but neither one of these little ones listen so well. I did walk over to one of the parents and ask her to say something before the others picked it up. She got it to stop.

After playing they worked up an appetite so we headed under the pavilion to have lunch. We catered in Subway so each child had their own Subway kids meal and the parents, siblings and everyone else had sandwich from the platters. After eating lunch they all made their way down to the playground again. They came back up a little while later for cake. I did not hear it but one of the children who was using the four letter word earlier sat down to eat his cake and told his classmate "touch my cake and I will kick your ass." Oh nice, just what a table full of 5 year olds need to hear! Makes me wonder what my child may or may not have heard on the playground this year.

The assistant teacher had given me a bunch of party hats that she had left over from her daughters birthday party so I came up with an idea of just letting the children decorate the hats with stickers. The kids had fun doing this simple project. I purchased several books of stickers with all different themes so something caught the eye of every child.

Once the party ended and we cleaned up, Zack was feeling a bit frustrated that the big kids in his school had field day and they got to jump in bounce houses and play in water and the little kids did not. So when we got home after he rested for a while, I poured the water from the coolers into a huge bucket and let him play. He played with that water for hours! This child of mine just loves to play in water. Later on he played with a squirt gun, he even had the pleasure of running under the sprinkler. He was loving every second of all that water play.

Once he went to bed, he slept hard. His head hit the pillow and he was out.

I had so much food left over that I warned the teachers that each day the following week I was bring in something for the kids to munch on before they went home.

Monday they each had some yummy sweet watermelon. Messy, messy messy.
Tuesday they went outside and had a nice cold refreshing Popsicle on such a hot and sticky day. Can we say messy?
Wednesday they had some cake and juice. Crumbs were everywhere, talk about messy!
Thursday they were not going outside because of the heat so they had some chips while watching a movie. Messy little creatures these kids are.
Today is Friday and today they will be getting a special treat. A cookie made to look like a graduation hat. Why do I get the feeling they will be messy with that also?

* I did take pictures at the party but I will not post them here because all of the kids were wearing their school reading shirts. The name of our school is on the shirts so for safety reasons I will avoid posting them.