Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Angry Birds

We went to Best Buy a few days ago to check out new phones. Mine was getting a bit on the old side and things were not working properly anymore. Kris' was not nearly as old as mine but his was starting to mess up here and there so it was time to get new ones.

The first day we looked and did not buy. While Kris and I were looking Zack found a Samsung Tablet nearby and started moving the screen around and he found the game Angry Birds on there. He played it for quite a while. The next night we (and when I say we I mean Kris) made the decision of which phone he was interested in so we went back to get them. Zack went straight over to the Tablets and started playing Angry Birds again. We were there for nearly two hours and I have to say for the most part Zack played that game and was behaving very good for it being past his bed time.

Once we left there he started begging me to find Angry Birds on daddy's computer. Of course Kris took his computer to work with him so I can not find it yet and I refuse to download it on my computer (my computer is older than my phone was). Each day he asks for me to find it, each day I wonder how my child could have gotten hooked on a silly game so quickly? I know if I don't download it soon he is going to find a way to do it himself.

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Joann E. said...

Hiya.. I PLAY IT ALL THE TIME on my phone best game ever!!!

if u use the browers Google Chrome you can run it off there from with out downloading it.