Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No talking, no yelling.

What did I do to deserve this?

This is pure torture I tell you!

I woke up about 2 am I felt like my throat was on fire. It hurts to swallow much less try to talk. I have a few other symptoms of a virus, flu or something but so far I am dealing with those. It is the not being able to talk to the little one that is going to kill me.

Of course he gets up super early today with no hope of him going back to bed. So I being super mom come up with the wonderful idea of each of us get a couch and we watch cartoons all morning.

Um, nope he was not down with that! He wants nothing to do with the couch this morning. How am I to deal with him today when I can not even talk to him much less raise my voice when he does something he is not supposed to do... like spill the milk on the floor which he has already done this morning.

Oh please let this clear up and be gone sooner rather than later. Oh and please do not let him get whatever it is I have.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seprateriums are good.

What is it about voice mail that makes my child cringe?
We left music class and Zack asked to talk with Kris on the phone. So once he was all buckled up in the seat I dialed my cell and handed it to him. After the second ring he practically threw it at me and told me to leave a message that he wasn't going to talk to voice mail.

I left a message for Kris saying I was Zackary's secretary blah blah blah. When I was done Zack asked what I said. So I told him. The little stinker says "mom, that's nice. I like seprateriums."
I tried to correct him but he was pretty set on saying it that way.

I am going to assume now that as he gets older he will be that annoying person that hangs up the phone when voice mail comes on and my cell phone will tell me I have 15 missed calls. lol

Monday, September 28, 2009

Playroom painting

When ever we are being silly and Zack does something wrong or weird I give him the old "you are fired" line. He usually giggles and says something like "mom you can not fire me, that is just silly."

The other day I decided to get my hind end in gear and start painting that playroom before he is too old to have a playroom. I got out the chalkboard paint and started making him a chalkboard that is big enough for two to share. He came barging in asking to help.
Not wanting to have black paint all over everything I told him not this time but next time he could help. That did not go over as well as I hoped.
He responded with a loud and demanding tone saying "Mom, I am experient and you can not fire me. If you do I will paint myself."

I am assuming he meant he has experience and he will paint the wall himself. Or he very well could have been saying he has experience in painting himself as in his own body.

I don't know you figure it out.

Needless to say the painting is going very slowly because I decided I can only do it when he is napping, sleeping or gone away from the house.

The chalkboard is done but the colored shapes that are going on the walls are a slow process, I am not good a making sure things are level and the level I bought is not sticking to the wall as the packaging promised.

If it ever gets done I will post some pictures.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Evil Plan

When Zack and I came home today, Zack asked for the TV on. I told him no that is was not going to be on while eating.
He was alright with that while he sat down and ate his lunch.

The second he was finished he asked for TV. I gave in figuring he slept late this morning so nap was probably going to be non-existent today.

After the first show, he begged for a second. I said sure.

The second that show ended he came running into the laundry room and in his little sinister voice said " HA HA Mom it is too late to nap now." He thinks he pulled one over on me but I had already figured no nap, earlier bedtime.

I will let him get away with his evil plot of watching TV and not having enough time to nap. I sure hope he understands tomorrow is back to reality. Mom needs those moments to herself to survive the day to day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Zack has a small bike that he received for Christmas last year. We keep it in the house and take it outside when we go for 'walks'.

I have no problem with him riding it in the house because it is so small and he is only using it downstairs. Well, I do have a problem when he hits me with it. He tells me it was an accident but really I am not buying it.

Anyway I was getting lunch ready yesterday quite honestly not paying much attention at all to the kids. When I thought I heard something. What I was not sure of but I figured I better investigate before something was broken, damaged or injured.

Just as I was coming around the corner I looked up to see the bike tumbling over and over down the stairs! The little monster was trying to drag it upstairs to do who knows what with it! For all I know he was probably thinking of riding it down the steps because you know the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. Right Kris?!

Of course I immediately ground him from the bike for the rest of the day, BUT I forgot the tell dad so when I left he was on it.

This morning the first thing he did was run to his bike and hop on. Big mean mommy that I am took it away and told him he wasn't allow to ride it at all today. I am sure you heard all the sobbing and the whining and the pleading even if your windows are closed and the radio is blasting. Heck I think if you checked it might have even registered on the Richter Scale when he flopped down on the floor in protest.

I think this kiddo of mine is going to be a daredevil and well I am just not down with that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Growing too fast.

Yesterday I had the daunting task of cleaning out all the old and too small clothes from Zacks dresser.
Fun? I think not. They are actually in a pile on the floor of his room right now because today I get to to through the closet.

I just amazes me how quickly he is growing. Aw heck I will say it. 'It scares the hell of out me'.
What size is this child of mine going to be in when he starts school? When he graduates? Are they even going to make tuxes big enough when he gets married?

He could not wear newborn clothes when he was born. By the time he was a year old he was in a 24month-2T. Last winter he was in a 4T. Right now (at this moment) he fits in a boys size 6 shirt and a boys size 5 pants! By winter time he will be in a boys 6 pants. The legs will be a little on the long side and I will have to do a small roll on them but the waist will fit fine.

Now before you go to thinking he is a little chunk I have to say he is not. He is not fat, or obese. He is solid! It kills me to try to pick him up. I try not to ever pick him up anymore but he is only 3 so there are times he still needs his mom.

He is rapidly outgrowing his toddler bed and I see a twin bed in his near future. He has outgrown his little bike so I see a bigger bike in the near future. He has outgrown his little turtle sandbox so daddy better get working on a bigger one.

I am expecting any day now to wake up, go upstairs to get him and see that he is taller than I am. Oh how I dread that day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Evil voices

Today I left the television off and told Zack and K that they needed to go play. I heard much argument over that one before they both decided to go play.

They opted to play Little Red Riding Hood. They take turns one plays Red and the other is the big bad wolf (or as they both say... the big bad woof) then they switch. It is really funny to listen to them. I have told Zack the Red Riding Hood story for quite a while now and I am pretty sure I have never made any part of it scary or inappropriate for a little one.
Today I walked away to do something and they were running around the house as if it were the forest. I wasn't quite sure what K (Red) said to Zack (The Big Bad Wolf) but it had something to do with the grandma in the story. He clearly responded in a little tiny trying to sound evil voice with a "you grandma is gone, I ate her!" I lost it! The voice he attempted to use was priceless and where he ever came up with I ate her is beyond me.

I can't wait to see what other fairy tale they are going to recreate next week.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All clean

I never thought it would start this early in his young life but I was wrong.

After lunch I told the kids to go in and wash up. The same thing that happens everyday. Nothing was different, nothing was out of the ordinary.

If you have ever seen my child after he is done eating, you would know he is mostly covered in ketchup when he is done.

Zack ran to the bathroom to go wash up. He came back out and announced that he found a better way to clean up.

I stood there a second not really comprehending what he was saying and asked him to repeat himself.

"Mom, I found a better way to clean my hands"

At this point I was a bit scared to ask how because lets face it this is the kid that always has A PLAN.

I asked anyway.

"Mom all you gotta do is...
scrub you hands wif da towel"

"Zack did you use soap and water?"

"Nope I did not need um"

Who knew the dry washing would start so darn young? I kind of expected it to happen when he started school or something but not at 3 years old!

Now before you ask, he was not happy with me when I told him his plan was not a good one this time and made him go in and use soap and water.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flu Shot

Can someone please explain to me why every darn drug store in town has the flu shot available now but my sons pediatricians office does not have the shot and have not received it yet?
I do not feel comfortable walking into a drug store and letting them give my son a flu shot, I would much rather it be at his pediatricians office where it will also be in his medical records.
We could walk in there today and get the mist but not the shot. We are on a waiting list for the shot because I seriously doubt he would go for them sticking anything up his nose.

I just don't get it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Out of the mouth of my babe.

This child of mine is a silly little boy.

The other day I put him to bed with all the usual babies and we did the same routine so I expected him to go off to sleep in a decent time frame. Oh but how could that be when Kris decided to hammer and bang and staple and just flat out make a lot of noise right outside my little boys bedroom.
After about 45 minutes I went to check on him knowing there was no way he would be asleep.
When I walked in I could see his face by the light following me through the door. He looked frustrated.
We talked for a minute and he asked me if he could yell something out to dad. When I told him he could, he sat straight up in his bed looked toward the door way and yelled "Dad could you keep it down in there I am trying to sleep".
I giggled as I layed him back down and kissed him goodnight again.
By the time I walked out his door and over to my husband I was giggling louder. Kris thought I told him to say that but I had nothing to do with it. So Kris packed up his hammer and stapler for the night and Zack was fast asleep soon after.


A few days later I took Zack to the toy store so we could look around and play with the train table. We were there for several hours before I finally convinced him that I was hungry for lunch and we needed to go get something.
We stopped to see Kris who was working at his part time job. He hadn't gotten my message asking him if he wanted anything so I said keep and eye on Zack for a few minutes I am going to run out and get us something to eat. Just then my 3 year old pipes up with "Hey Dad you have any cash on you?" Of course Kris thinks I told him to say that but I had nothing to do with it.
I did tell Kris he should be grateful the child is asking for cash and not his credit card!


I took Zack to the hospital yesterday to visit my step dad (Bob). Right when we arrived my mother was checking Bobs legs out (they had been swollen when he went into the hospital). My mother told Zack that grandpa had chicken legs. We visited with him for a while then Zack and I went down to the cafeteria giving my mom some time alone with him.
When we came back up to his room we visited some more before a nurse came in to give him his meds. She and Zack struck up a conversation about any and everything. During their conversation Zack proceeded to tell her that Grandpa has chicken legs. I thought she was going to fall to the floor with laughter. She got such a kick out of Zack.

It amazes me everyday what he absorbs into that brain of his and the fact that he knows how to use this new found knowledge at just the right moment.

Friday, September 11, 2009


A day to remember.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chipper little boy.

Lying in bed eyes open just waiting for the little one to call out for someone...anyone to come get him. I hear him in there kicking his feet against the mattress. I hear him flipping from side to side so I know wake up time is just a minute or two (if I am lucky) away. I have this down to a science, he kicks then he flips for no more than a few minutes then he lays on his back and calls for someone to come get him.

Yes I am blessed in the fact that he doesn't wander around, he lays in his bed until someone comes into his room to get him. I don't know how much longer that will last but right now it is one less thing I worry about.

This morning I was pleasantly greeted with a chipper little boy saying "Mommy, Daddy come get me... Mommy or Daddy... someone come get me." The next thing I hear that just brought a smile to my face was "Mommy, Daddy come get me I have a surprise for you. I have a joke to tell you!"

Of course when I got to his room and opened the door he said "Mommy I have a joke to tell you."
And he did.

"Why did the chicken cross the living room?"

Go on I will give you second to think about it.





Are you ready?

"To go outside!"
And the laughter ensued!

I love mornings like this, I know there won't be any like this when he is older so I try to take advantage of that few minutes before I hear the words "Let's go have breakfast".

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Praying Mantis

I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a mistake in the Merriam-Websters dictionary.

  • Main Entry: praying mantis
  • Function: noun
  • Date: circa 1890

: mantis; especially : a European mantis (Mantis religiosa) that has been introduced into the United States —called also praying mantid

You see the world knows this creature as a praying mantis but that is wrong. Well wrong in the world according to Zack.

He went on a walk with his father the other day to the playground. There was one of these creatures on the playground equipment so Kris told him what it was. Somewhere along the way the name has been changed to...

A Meanie-eyed-mantis.

When he told me that I laughed out loud. He just didn't understand why I was laughing. I just love hearing what comes out of his mouth.

Jolly Rogers

While at the beach we took an afternoon to go to an amusement park geared toward smaller children.
You know the kind of place you buy a wrist band for an astronomical amount of money and your kiddo can ride any and every ride there as many times as they want.

Zack started out on the little kids roller coaster. It was such a cute little ride. He went on with his cousin Gabby. He enjoyed it.

Once he got off there he spotted the big roller coaster and that is all he talked about until we agreed to let him go on it. We had to initiate the help of cousin Lexi to go on with him. He couldn't wait. Once he was on he was all smiles. Poor Lexi had to take him on twice because he didn't want to do anything else but that.

When we finally convinced him we needed to walk around and see what other rides there were he opted to get on the Himalaya with Lexi, Gabby and Sydney. Why they put Zack on the inside is beyond me because the girls never had a chance, they were crushed by the time the ride ended. It really was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

Here are a few pictures to see just how crushed the poor girls were.
Yes Lexi was yelling at us by the time the ride was over that she would never do that again. Oh but us bystanders sure did love it we had the best laughs. As a matter of fact we all had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.

We were there for hours and he would not leave unless he could go on that big roller coaster again. So we convinced David to go with him. At that point Gabby wanted to go again so Lilly got in on the deal. Zack was a happy camper.

I am not kidding when I say anything that had any height to it he got a kick out of. All those little kiddie rides that stayed on the ground he really did not care for. So I think I am in trouble with this one. He is going to be an adrenaline junkie and I am going to have nightmares over it.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Vacation photos

More of our vacation.

Why is it that when on vacation the kids think they need to be up at 6am? I am pretty sure I sent out all the proper paperwork in advance saying the vacation wake up time would be somewhere around 8 or 9 am not 6! This child of mine woke ME up at 6 am darn near everyday we were there.

We went to the beach as much as possible because Zack is clearly going to grow up to be a beach bum. He loves digging in the sand, not so much making castles but digging holes as large as he could. He loved being buried and trying to break free of that blanket of sand. The giggles were contagious. He loved to bury other people and I can honestly say that boy can pack the sand down pretty darn well. I was a bit snug when he buried my lower half.

Zack and Kris playing in the sand

He wore Kris out in the water. I know all Kris wanted to do was relax while there but Zack would not have that. He wanted in the water. Once he got the feel of the water at his feet he wanted to be out there with the big boys! I know after a while each day Kris arms hurt from holding Zack in the water.

I figured after the first time a wave crashed over Zack's head he would be done but boy was I wrong! Kris tried his hardest to keep Zack from being hit in the face with waves but there were a few that got away from him.

Zack also tried his hand at surfing. Now that was a funny sight to see. He grabbed someones body board and tried sitting and standing on it. It did not work so well but he did try so that was a good thing.
Zack Surfing

Another highlight for Zack was trying to catch the seagulls. He tried several times but those pesky little devils got away every time.

Kris wrangling in Zack and Duce after they tried catching a seagull.

We told Zack one night after dinner we could go back to the boardwalk and he could pick whatever he wanted for snack. As we were walking by place after place we would tell him what they had. No, No No, No is what we kept hearing. We thought for sure Dippin Dots would be the one that grabbed him. Oh were we wrong. He wanted no part of them. Out of all the good, sweet, yummy treats you can get on the boardwalk he chose Popcorn! Argh had we known that we would have just thrown a bag in the microwave at the house and called it a night.

We went back to the arcade with him the last night we were there so he could play some more games. He wanted to play the blue ball game. I think it was called Pokerino. He loved it. Daddy is teaching him early the importance of poker. Take it anyway you can get it.

Zack at the arcade...not a bad poker hand.

He did catch a cold while we were on vacation so there was one night I did not get any sleep at all, but other than that it was a good vacation.

This was how I knew he was getting a cold, he had already napped for an hour and a half in the bedroom, walked out laid on the couch and went back to sleep for another hour and a half.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grumpy Mom-Happy Mom-Grumpy Mom.

I have been having some problems with my back, hip & butt area and also my leg.
I did two rounds of prescriptions from the doc to try to feel better but the medicine did not knock out the pain. So my doctor suggested Physical Therapy. I really wanted to get rid of the pain and the feeling like my leg was just dead weight that I was lugging around. So I said yes. Now, I am not in good shape at all so going there twice a week is really quite hard. My legs just do not bend the way Mr. PT Guy wants them too ;)

The first few sessions really kicked my butt. I was starting to feel better which was a really great thing. You know not a 100% back to normal but feeling like I could move again with the pain, like I could go from a sitting to a standing position without a shooting pain running down my leg.

So the other day Grumpy Mom left the building and Happy Mom finally came back in. Zack was very excited to have Happy Mom back. He did lots of hugging on her and playing with her. He even took her out on a date (of course she had to pay because he claimed not to have any money with him).

Happy Mom was playing all the things she has not been able to in a while. Happy Mom was back down on the floor playing with Zack and his toys. Zack was a very happy boy.
Happy Mom and Zack decided to play with his little spinner top on the kitchen floor. Well trying to show a 3 year old how to hold a little spinner and pull the cord at the same time is a job. He just doesn't have the coordination down yet but he is working on it.
At one point the top left his hands and shot out behind me on the floor. Much to far for me to reach without getting up so like any other slacker I told him to fetch it.

I should have turned to watch him get it. I should have known what was going to happen next. I should have seen it coming a mile away.

He was just so excited to have Happy Mom back he was bouncing all over the place. Yes I am sure you can guess that he chose to use my back as a trampoline!

Pain I tell you, pure Pain!

So Happy Mom has left the building and Grumpy Mom is back. Not want I wanted to have happen.

So Mr. PT Guy you darn well better work the magic and make me feel better when I finally get into seeing you today. I understand you are over worked right now because you have entirely to many patients but the heck with the rest of them I am the most important! :)