Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Evil Plan

When Zack and I came home today, Zack asked for the TV on. I told him no that is was not going to be on while eating.
He was alright with that while he sat down and ate his lunch.

The second he was finished he asked for TV. I gave in figuring he slept late this morning so nap was probably going to be non-existent today.

After the first show, he begged for a second. I said sure.

The second that show ended he came running into the laundry room and in his little sinister voice said " HA HA Mom it is too late to nap now." He thinks he pulled one over on me but I had already figured no nap, earlier bedtime.

I will let him get away with his evil plot of watching TV and not having enough time to nap. I sure hope he understands tomorrow is back to reality. Mom needs those moments to herself to survive the day to day.

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