Monday, September 14, 2009

Out of the mouth of my babe.

This child of mine is a silly little boy.

The other day I put him to bed with all the usual babies and we did the same routine so I expected him to go off to sleep in a decent time frame. Oh but how could that be when Kris decided to hammer and bang and staple and just flat out make a lot of noise right outside my little boys bedroom.
After about 45 minutes I went to check on him knowing there was no way he would be asleep.
When I walked in I could see his face by the light following me through the door. He looked frustrated.
We talked for a minute and he asked me if he could yell something out to dad. When I told him he could, he sat straight up in his bed looked toward the door way and yelled "Dad could you keep it down in there I am trying to sleep".
I giggled as I layed him back down and kissed him goodnight again.
By the time I walked out his door and over to my husband I was giggling louder. Kris thought I told him to say that but I had nothing to do with it. So Kris packed up his hammer and stapler for the night and Zack was fast asleep soon after.


A few days later I took Zack to the toy store so we could look around and play with the train table. We were there for several hours before I finally convinced him that I was hungry for lunch and we needed to go get something.
We stopped to see Kris who was working at his part time job. He hadn't gotten my message asking him if he wanted anything so I said keep and eye on Zack for a few minutes I am going to run out and get us something to eat. Just then my 3 year old pipes up with "Hey Dad you have any cash on you?" Of course Kris thinks I told him to say that but I had nothing to do with it.
I did tell Kris he should be grateful the child is asking for cash and not his credit card!


I took Zack to the hospital yesterday to visit my step dad (Bob). Right when we arrived my mother was checking Bobs legs out (they had been swollen when he went into the hospital). My mother told Zack that grandpa had chicken legs. We visited with him for a while then Zack and I went down to the cafeteria giving my mom some time alone with him.
When we came back up to his room we visited some more before a nurse came in to give him his meds. She and Zack struck up a conversation about any and everything. During their conversation Zack proceeded to tell her that Grandpa has chicken legs. I thought she was going to fall to the floor with laughter. She got such a kick out of Zack.

It amazes me everyday what he absorbs into that brain of his and the fact that he knows how to use this new found knowledge at just the right moment.


Kristin said...

Z says the cutest things. So glad that you are keeping track of them so you can torture him with these stories when he brings his first girlfriend over for dinner.

Sandy Toes said...

What cute things to say!
sandy toe