Monday, September 28, 2009

Playroom painting

When ever we are being silly and Zack does something wrong or weird I give him the old "you are fired" line. He usually giggles and says something like "mom you can not fire me, that is just silly."

The other day I decided to get my hind end in gear and start painting that playroom before he is too old to have a playroom. I got out the chalkboard paint and started making him a chalkboard that is big enough for two to share. He came barging in asking to help.
Not wanting to have black paint all over everything I told him not this time but next time he could help. That did not go over as well as I hoped.
He responded with a loud and demanding tone saying "Mom, I am experient and you can not fire me. If you do I will paint myself."

I am assuming he meant he has experience and he will paint the wall himself. Or he very well could have been saying he has experience in painting himself as in his own body.

I don't know you figure it out.

Needless to say the painting is going very slowly because I decided I can only do it when he is napping, sleeping or gone away from the house.

The chalkboard is done but the colored shapes that are going on the walls are a slow process, I am not good a making sure things are level and the level I bought is not sticking to the wall as the packaging promised.

If it ever gets done I will post some pictures.

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