Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No talking, no yelling.

What did I do to deserve this?

This is pure torture I tell you!

I woke up about 2 am I felt like my throat was on fire. It hurts to swallow much less try to talk. I have a few other symptoms of a virus, flu or something but so far I am dealing with those. It is the not being able to talk to the little one that is going to kill me.

Of course he gets up super early today with no hope of him going back to bed. So I being super mom come up with the wonderful idea of each of us get a couch and we watch cartoons all morning.

Um, nope he was not down with that! He wants nothing to do with the couch this morning. How am I to deal with him today when I can not even talk to him much less raise my voice when he does something he is not supposed to do... like spill the milk on the floor which he has already done this morning.

Oh please let this clear up and be gone sooner rather than later. Oh and please do not let him get whatever it is I have.

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