Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Zack has a small bike that he received for Christmas last year. We keep it in the house and take it outside when we go for 'walks'.

I have no problem with him riding it in the house because it is so small and he is only using it downstairs. Well, I do have a problem when he hits me with it. He tells me it was an accident but really I am not buying it.

Anyway I was getting lunch ready yesterday quite honestly not paying much attention at all to the kids. When I thought I heard something. What I was not sure of but I figured I better investigate before something was broken, damaged or injured.

Just as I was coming around the corner I looked up to see the bike tumbling over and over down the stairs! The little monster was trying to drag it upstairs to do who knows what with it! For all I know he was probably thinking of riding it down the steps because you know the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. Right Kris?!

Of course I immediately ground him from the bike for the rest of the day, BUT I forgot the tell dad so when I left he was on it.

This morning the first thing he did was run to his bike and hop on. Big mean mommy that I am took it away and told him he wasn't allow to ride it at all today. I am sure you heard all the sobbing and the whining and the pleading even if your windows are closed and the radio is blasting. Heck I think if you checked it might have even registered on the Richter Scale when he flopped down on the floor in protest.

I think this kiddo of mine is going to be a daredevil and well I am just not down with that.

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