Friday, July 31, 2009

Drop, crack, break

Okay, Okay I get it. I should stop eating or better yet switch to paper plates!

No more glass plates for me please.

I have had the same set of dishes for several years now. I like them. They are a clear glass with flowers designs molded on them.

A few weeks ago while getting a bowl out of the cabinet, I accidentally dropped it and it split into two pretty even pieces. Alright one bowl, I can live with that.

Last week while getting a small plate out for my sandwich, I accidentally dropped it on the counter and it broke into several pieces. Now I am thinking, okay I am down one bowl and one small plate, alright I can live with that.

Yesterday was the last straw. I decided to have a bowl of cereal so I reached into the cabinet for a bowl. Yeah I am sure you guessed what happened next.

Not only did it break but it broke into a million tiny pieces. You could not have even made out what it was even if you wanted to. It scattered into a large area of my kitchen floor and even made its way into the dining room, underneath the chair Zack was sitting it. Even after it had crashed for the next few minutes you could still hearing pieces cracking! It was odd to say the least.Yes there is still some pieces under the stove that I could not get so Kris has a job to do. Have fun pulling the stove out dear. :)

So now I think I will be on the lookout for unbreakable dishes.
Anyone know where I can buy a rubber set of dishes?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lunch time.

My son has some sort of obsession with Subway sandwiches. What it is I do not know. When he wants to go out to lunch, he always asks for Subway. I am wondering what the heck they are putting in those sandwiches that makes him want to go back there every time he gets to go out to eat.

Here is a conversation that went on recently.

"Mom, I want to have lunch with daddy today."

"Okay lets give him a call and see if he is able to leave work today."

Dialing phone, handing it to little one so he can talk with daddy. Ring, Ring, Ring... voicemail.

"I not gonna leave a message for him!"

So yet again I am the one to leave a message.

A little while later...

Ring, Ring.

"Dad, I didn't want to leave a message for you."

"I know Zack."

"Daddy I want to go to Subway for a free cucumber and pickle sandwich."

"A free sandwich?"

"Zack it is not free, who do you think has to pay for it?"

"Daddy pays for it, he is the best payer."

Friday, July 24, 2009

The swap.

I just wanted to take a moment to say I am pretty sure this idea that I have in my head can be pulled off.

Let me know what you think.

There are days that Kris just does not feel like getting up in the morning but Zack gets up real early. I am thinking Zack could take the place of Kris at work... At least until nap time because then I think they would notice.

What, you think they would notice the height difference?

Well that is an easy fix, Zack could sit at the desk playing games (oops I mean working) on the computer.

He is just like his father. He could talk to anyone on the phone so I do not really see any problems there.

The only real problem I see is that Zack does not know how to drive yet so it would be a little hard for him to get there.

Take a look.
Looks like a perfect match to me. So Kris what do you think? Think you two could pull it off?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And so it goes...

Yesterday, I told Zack there was a cup on the counter if he wanted it. He took it down, sat on the couch and started drinking it.
After a few minutes he yelled "Hey".
When I asked him what was wrong he gave me an odd look and said "Hey this is a sippy cup and sippy cups are for babies!"

And so the sippy cups are being put away.

This morning I told Zack to get into his chair so he could eat breakfast. He pulled out the chair and yelled "I can not sit in this booster seat it is for babies!"

And so the booster seat is now taken away from the table.

Later on we went to the grocery store. I really just wanted to hurry up and get in and out so I picked Zack up and plopped him in the seat of the cart. He said "Mom I want to walk." I told him not today because I needed to hurry up (Lord knows when he is walking you can not hurry because you are putting things back on the shelf that he has taken off). What do you think came next? Yup! you guessed it "Mommy I can not sit in this seat... It's for babies!"

And so I guess it is said I no longer have a baby in the house.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spin me again Daddy.

Being a kid outdoors on a warm summer night who has the undivided attention of both his parents gets to have the best times, even if it does make daddy a little shaky in the knees afterward.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Work Work Work

Now listen up kid.
We as your parents feed you 3 square meals a day, snacks, and all the milk, water and juice you want. We provide clothes and a warm cozy bed for you. We have given you plenty of toys to stimulate your brain and conversation for you to learn from.

But all good things must come to an end.

It is time you started earning your keep around here.

Life is not all fun and games and the quicker you learn that the better off you will be.

And so the work begins.

Actually he didn't think this was work at all. He loved it (as long as there was no soap bubbles on his face)! I do have few more scratches on the truck because he hasn't quite learned the farther you are the more area the water covers but other than that he did a good job with some help from Kris.

I forgot to get a picture of him when he was all done but he was soaked from head to toe! Poor kid.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time Outdoors.

When lunch time rolled around today Zack and I decided to dine alfresco. It is not some thing we normally do because of the summer heat just gets way to hot and can't stand yourself. It was not really as hot as I thought it would be today because there was a slight breeze that made it pretty bearable. The sun on the other hand was pretty bright. We were out there all of 2 minutes before Zack asked for his sunglasses. I felt like I was dining with a Hollywood Stud.
He held up a nice conversation with me about surfing of all things. Mind you neither one of us have ever surfed but he keeps telling me he wants to. This from the child who hates getting water in his eyes.
Once we were done with lunch, I let him play out there for a while longer. He is getting very good kicking the ball around like he is playing soccer. Now I will be the first to admit he does not pass the ball, he just tries to kick it past you. So that leaves me to wonder if he is just being a ball hog or just practicing his skills.
Once he started to get a little bored I declared it nap time. It is getting harder and harder to get him to actually fall asleep at nap time but I am not ready for it to disappear yet so we will still keep trying.
Once we were in the house he did tell me that having lunch outside was fun and he wanted to do it again another day.
All in all we had a lovely afternoon at home. It was nice.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Museum Time.

Last week I took Zack to the children's museum. He loves that place and I figured I already have the tickets so why not spend a few hours in doors playing rather than sweating my tail off at the playground.

When we got there the first thing he asked was "does this place have Thomas the Train?" It still amazes me how he can spend hours playing with his trains at home and still want to play with them when we go somewhere.

He spent quite a bit of time playing with the trains then he climbed aboard the child size train they had built and he was in full blown happy mode! When it was his turn to become the engineer, he was pressing buttons and moving levers like he knew what he was doing. Occasionally he would stick his head out the window and give that shout that seems mandatory when playing on a train.

"All Aboard"

I have to admit the train was really cool. Not only did it have buttons and levers that made sounds when he pushed/pulled them but it had a flat screen TV so you could see the track you were 'driving' on. It also had a really really cool feature of having a tender full of coal that you could shovel into the engine. Every time you shoveled some coal in the engine it would light up like you really were putting real coal in.

It also had a dining car with a couple of tables, 'glass' chandeliers and curtains on the windows. There was also a water tank built next to it with a hose the kids could use to pretend they were filling the train.

After about an hour and a half Zack decided it was time to play on something else. He headed straight over to the airplane. After some of the kids cleared out he was able to get into the pilot seat and start mashing all those buttons. At one point he picked up the microphone and said "hey everyone get on, I am ready to leave". The firetruck, police car, race car and gas pump were all really fun to.

He was mesmerized with the big bubble maker. It was one that you stand in the circle and pull the cord and the bubble comes up around you. He was laughing hysterically at one point when he reached out the touch the bubble and it popped in his face. Silly boy.

I was quite impressed with his shopping abilities too. When he was shopping in the little market they have, I thought for sure he was going to grab boxes and boxes of junk but no he actually picked out mostly fresh fruit and veggies. He picked up a star fruit asked me what it was, when I told him he threw it back into the bin and said "i don't think I like those". He did 'read' the signs and make me laugh because everything he 'reading' was "buy one get one free". That isn't what they said at all but hey at least I know he is paying attention when we really do go grocery shopping.

More than 3 hours after we entered the building we left. I had a very grumpy boy on my hands who did not want to leave at all. Even promising him we could come back another day was not helping his mood. I was hungry and I know he had to be starving but would never admit to it. So next time we go I will know to pack a lunch and eat there.

Here he is loading coal into the engine.

He is making sure the train has enough water.

Pilot Zack ready for take off.

Nascar bound.

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth. This is the way we brush our teeth so early in the morning.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kris.

I wanted to take a moment and wish my husband a very Happy Birthday today!

So how does it feel to be so old?

Is that gray hair I see there?

I love you Kris, I do hope you have a wonderful day.