Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time Outdoors.

When lunch time rolled around today Zack and I decided to dine alfresco. It is not some thing we normally do because of the summer heat just gets way to hot and can't stand yourself. It was not really as hot as I thought it would be today because there was a slight breeze that made it pretty bearable. The sun on the other hand was pretty bright. We were out there all of 2 minutes before Zack asked for his sunglasses. I felt like I was dining with a Hollywood Stud.
He held up a nice conversation with me about surfing of all things. Mind you neither one of us have ever surfed but he keeps telling me he wants to. This from the child who hates getting water in his eyes.
Once we were done with lunch, I let him play out there for a while longer. He is getting very good kicking the ball around like he is playing soccer. Now I will be the first to admit he does not pass the ball, he just tries to kick it past you. So that leaves me to wonder if he is just being a ball hog or just practicing his skills.
Once he started to get a little bored I declared it nap time. It is getting harder and harder to get him to actually fall asleep at nap time but I am not ready for it to disappear yet so we will still keep trying.
Once we were in the house he did tell me that having lunch outside was fun and he wanted to do it again another day.
All in all we had a lovely afternoon at home. It was nice.

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