Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lunch time.

My son has some sort of obsession with Subway sandwiches. What it is I do not know. When he wants to go out to lunch, he always asks for Subway. I am wondering what the heck they are putting in those sandwiches that makes him want to go back there every time he gets to go out to eat.

Here is a conversation that went on recently.

"Mom, I want to have lunch with daddy today."

"Okay lets give him a call and see if he is able to leave work today."

Dialing phone, handing it to little one so he can talk with daddy. Ring, Ring, Ring... voicemail.

"I not gonna leave a message for him!"

So yet again I am the one to leave a message.

A little while later...

Ring, Ring.

"Dad, I didn't want to leave a message for you."

"I know Zack."

"Daddy I want to go to Subway for a free cucumber and pickle sandwich."

"A free sandwich?"

"Zack it is not free, who do you think has to pay for it?"

"Daddy pays for it, he is the best payer."


Kristin said...

It is that darn 5 dollar foot long commercial that they play all the time on TV. My boys have been asking for Subway too. I guess it beats McDonald's.

Shauna said...

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