Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Museum Time.

Last week I took Zack to the children's museum. He loves that place and I figured I already have the tickets so why not spend a few hours in doors playing rather than sweating my tail off at the playground.

When we got there the first thing he asked was "does this place have Thomas the Train?" It still amazes me how he can spend hours playing with his trains at home and still want to play with them when we go somewhere.

He spent quite a bit of time playing with the trains then he climbed aboard the child size train they had built and he was in full blown happy mode! When it was his turn to become the engineer, he was pressing buttons and moving levers like he knew what he was doing. Occasionally he would stick his head out the window and give that shout that seems mandatory when playing on a train.

"All Aboard"

I have to admit the train was really cool. Not only did it have buttons and levers that made sounds when he pushed/pulled them but it had a flat screen TV so you could see the track you were 'driving' on. It also had a really really cool feature of having a tender full of coal that you could shovel into the engine. Every time you shoveled some coal in the engine it would light up like you really were putting real coal in.

It also had a dining car with a couple of tables, 'glass' chandeliers and curtains on the windows. There was also a water tank built next to it with a hose the kids could use to pretend they were filling the train.

After about an hour and a half Zack decided it was time to play on something else. He headed straight over to the airplane. After some of the kids cleared out he was able to get into the pilot seat and start mashing all those buttons. At one point he picked up the microphone and said "hey everyone get on, I am ready to leave". The firetruck, police car, race car and gas pump were all really fun to.

He was mesmerized with the big bubble maker. It was one that you stand in the circle and pull the cord and the bubble comes up around you. He was laughing hysterically at one point when he reached out the touch the bubble and it popped in his face. Silly boy.

I was quite impressed with his shopping abilities too. When he was shopping in the little market they have, I thought for sure he was going to grab boxes and boxes of junk but no he actually picked out mostly fresh fruit and veggies. He picked up a star fruit asked me what it was, when I told him he threw it back into the bin and said "i don't think I like those". He did 'read' the signs and make me laugh because everything he 'reading' was "buy one get one free". That isn't what they said at all but hey at least I know he is paying attention when we really do go grocery shopping.

More than 3 hours after we entered the building we left. I had a very grumpy boy on my hands who did not want to leave at all. Even promising him we could come back another day was not helping his mood. I was hungry and I know he had to be starving but would never admit to it. So next time we go I will know to pack a lunch and eat there.

Here he is loading coal into the engine.

He is making sure the train has enough water.

Pilot Zack ready for take off.

Nascar bound.

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth. This is the way we brush our teeth so early in the morning.

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