Friday, October 30, 2009

High Five

We are making progress in the land of potty training.

Zack has been potty trained for a while now but not when he sleeps. We have been working hard on that the past week or so. Night time is still very much a challenge but (knock on wood) we have conquered the nap time! It has been four days now of napping with underpants on. Four days of dry underpants, four days of dry sheets, four days of less laundry, four days of happy high fives!

Once I am pretty certain this is a trend he will keep up with then we are going to really tackle the night time. I do so of dread that because I know I will have to wake him up and take him to the bathroom before I go to bed and that scares me.

Zack is the kind of kid that once awake, he is awake and does not want to go back to sleep. It does not matter that his body is still very tired. There is a only one switch on this child and once it is turned on, you can not turn him back off.

I have told him that once he stops wetting the bed he will get a big boy bed to sleep in. I hope that helps with his mindset and we can pull this off...soon.

Until then I thank the person who invented the vinyl on mattresses for little ones.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What makes him tick?

What exactly makes a boy think the way they do?

You see I have this adorable little boy who is quite funny at times, quite demanding at other times and sometimes he is the sweetest little guy on the face of this earth.

He says things that blow me away like this morning when he said "mom you know what the coolest thing is?" When I told him I did not know he responded with "Being with you!" Sigh.

He does things that drive me nuts like the button pushing. He has this uncontrollable urge when he sees buttons or knobs that he has to touch, turn and push them. It has to be uncontrollable because you can tell him not to touch them and he can not stop. I do not believe he is purposely being defiant I think it is something within him that makes him do it.

He feels the need to make my job as a parent harder than it should be sometimes. Last night we went through our night time routine then I put an undershirt on him then his pajamas, we said prayers and in bed he climbed. Kris got home about 30 minutes later and went in to give him a kiss. Zack was still awake. Before going to bed, I went to check on him, much to my surprised his pajamas were not on him. I asked Kris if he took Zacks pajamas off him he said no and then said he didn't understand why I just put him to bed with a shirt on. We went back in there and the child had taken his pajamas completely off and they were stuffed under the covers at the bottom of the bed! Let me just say it is really hard redressing a child who is sleeping and weighs a ton. The one good thing... he didn't wake up while we were trying to get him dressed again.

I still don't know why he does some of the things he does and I guess I will never know for sure but one thing I do know for sure is each day there is something new. I may not like that something new but that doesn't seem to matter much to this little boy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trick or Treat #1

We went on our first Trick or Treating venture today. I have to say we had a great time.
One of the local assisted living homes hosted it and it was really sweet to see the joy on the faces of the patients as each child entered into their rooms. Some patients had family in there rooms with them to help hand out candy, others waited by their doors for the kids to come.

I have taught Zack that you take only one piece of candy and he was trying so hard to do just that but room after room he was told by the patients to take two or take more than that. He looked bit confused but did as he was told. LOL.

Can I just say this child came home with more candy than he will ever eat! He had a regular plastic Halloween pumpkin that you buy in any store. That poor pumpkin was three quarters of the way full. He has never had that much candy in his entire life!

Zack chose a pirates costume this year. So he was decked out in the gold hoop earring, the eye patch, the hook and the beard. I must admit he was adorable. Lots of people told him he was the cutest pirate they had ever seen so move on over Mr. Depp I think you have some competition!

Note to any parents how cover their little ones eye with a patch, They may not be able to follow a straight line while walking so be sure to guide them before they walk off the sidewalk.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Attention grabber.

So it has come to my attention that I need to teach my son the anatomy of both boys and girls.
You see I have taught him the correct term for his male member, but I have never taught him that girls do not have that specific part.

Today we came home from having lunch with Kris and by the time Zack and I pulled into the driveway I really had to go to the bathroom bad. That will teach me to drink so much at lunch. I was trying to get him out of the car seat in a hurry and into the house so I was telling him to hustle. He asked why so I told him I had to go potty. He responded with an "Oh OK Mom."
Just as we got into the house he asked "Mom, are you holding your penis." I just about lost it right there.
Oh the joys of parenting!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Score one for the little man!

Tonight Zack asked to watch a video so I put one in for him. The next thing I know he is taking his 'computer' out of the backpack.
I told him he can not watch TV and play with his computer at the same time.
His response:

"But Mom, Dad does it all the time"

Zack 1
Mom 0

I told him he had a point and let him watch TV and play the computer at the same time.
How can you say no to something when you know he is right?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yucky day.

It has been 9 days since this illness started and I am still not back to normal (whatever that is). I thought it would have gotten better by now but the coughing, achy, headache stuff just refuses to go away.

So I called the pediatrician the other day to inquire if they had received the flu shot in yet and was told "if he is on the list you don't need to call, we will call you when it comes". Alright, I get it. We wait.
Tuesday evening I received a message asking me to bring Zack in Thursday night at 6pm to get his flu shot, and I needed to call to confirm. Zack knows he is going tonight but he is not happy with me at all. I am definitely taking Kris because if Zack throws a tantrum there is no way I can lift him off the floor and carry him out.

When I told Zack he had to get his flu shot tonight he was all upset with me, so being the mom I am, I picked up the phone to call my doctors office and schedule a flu shot for me. The receptionist was rather rude. I was basically told they have one flu shot clinic left and it is full so I should just call one of the pharmacies and let them do it.

When I was there in July I was told by the nurse to call on October for the shot. So for once I followed directions and this is where it gets me! Go figure.

As much as I do not want to get a shot at a pharmacy I guess I will suck it up and go. I will make sure to take Zack with me so he can see he isn't the only one who has to get it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Frustrating late fees

Yes Ms Librarian, I understand the 2 children's DVDs are 4 days overdue. I have been sick and unable to drop them off. No, I did not plan on them being late. We actually had a visit to the library scheduled on the calendar but unfortunately that is the day I became sick. Had I not gotten sick your DVDs would have been returned before their due date. Yes Ms Librarian, I will pay the late fees on the 'Holiday' one. I have no problem with that since he watched it at least 10 times during those 4 days (oh by the way, it really does need a good cleaning, it skips in 2 different areas).
I do not think I should have to pay the late fees on the 'sports' one at all. You see Ms Librarian had your staff done their job and checked the case before the little lock was put on there, then someone would have noticed the DVD that is there doesn't belong in there and is not even close to being the right one. Therefore I do not think I should have to pay the late fee. The movie in that case was never watched . The movie in that case was not the one we thought we were borrowing from your facility.
Well thank you Ms Librarian, I now know never to borrow a DVD from your library again, I would have no problem at all paying the fees had my son actually been able to watch the movie he wanted but no because your staff doesn't do there job, it should not cost me money.

I can not wait until the new library closer to home opens.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Silent Saturday.

This is why mommy is never allowed to be sick, markers get into the wrong hands when mommy is trying to nap.