Friday, October 30, 2009

High Five

We are making progress in the land of potty training.

Zack has been potty trained for a while now but not when he sleeps. We have been working hard on that the past week or so. Night time is still very much a challenge but (knock on wood) we have conquered the nap time! It has been four days now of napping with underpants on. Four days of dry underpants, four days of dry sheets, four days of less laundry, four days of happy high fives!

Once I am pretty certain this is a trend he will keep up with then we are going to really tackle the night time. I do so of dread that because I know I will have to wake him up and take him to the bathroom before I go to bed and that scares me.

Zack is the kind of kid that once awake, he is awake and does not want to go back to sleep. It does not matter that his body is still very tired. There is a only one switch on this child and once it is turned on, you can not turn him back off.

I have told him that once he stops wetting the bed he will get a big boy bed to sleep in. I hope that helps with his mindset and we can pull this off...soon.

Until then I thank the person who invented the vinyl on mattresses for little ones.

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