Monday, November 2, 2009

On Halloween night we trick or treated around our neighborhood. We did have a great time walking around looking at all the other costumes and the houses that did decorate.

One house had a blowup snow globe in front that Zack was fascinated with. They also had a "Ghost" (think man with a sheet over his head) on the front porch. Zack and K stood about 4 feet away from him/it and wouldn't move. Then Zack yelled "boo". He was trying to scare the ghost before the ghost scared him. It didn't work, the ghost didn't move. Someone told the kids to say Tick or Treat to the ghost. Zack did and low and behold the sheet moved to show a big of candy, both kids ran up a bit closer! Just as they approached the ghost said Boo both kids jumped back a bit BUT the allure of that candy kept propelling them forward. Before they left that house Zack asked the owner if he could pet the dogs who were on the lawn, both had on a tutu. It took some convincing to get the kids away from the dogs and move on.

Several houses away they really did it up big. The kids couldn't wait to get over there. Once they reached the porch and the motion detected sound effects came on both just stopped. Neither Zack nor K moved. K's mom stood there the chicken asking if the figure on the porch as real or not. They had a stuffed costume with a scream mask sitting on the porch. They had skeletons, ghosts, tombstones, lights, things that moved, you name it they had it! Zack finally got up the nerve to ring the door bell. When he did, it opened and there stood a scary clown masked man. (He did pull the mask up to show the kids that is was just a mask so they wouldn't be too scared).
They got their candy but Zack wouldn't walk away, he kept starring at that masked man. The guy got down low enough for Zack to touch it. At first he touched it gently, then I guess he really wanted to show that guy who was boss because he whacked him a good one! I was so embarrassed. I made Zack apologize and the guy said it was OK but still I was embarrassed.

After we returned home, Zack was allowed to eat 2 pieces of candy. Big BIG mistake on my part! That child was so wired from the sugar he couldn't fall asleep until nearly 11:30 at night! We have been spreading out the candy eating to a piece after lunch and one after dinner but that may change to just one piece a day because the child is wild these days!

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