Monday, November 9, 2009

Movie quotes

You know your child watches too much of a certain movie when he starts quoting it.

While driving in the car from the back seat you hear "turn and pull, turn and pull." Laughter ensues.

Sitting in a restaurant patiently waiting for your meal, you hear "Wait for it... ALIENS, Oh Snap." More laughter.

Walking around the grocery store I hear "Audiences love... Aliens." So I join in and we laugh.

Sitting at the table eating dinner we hear a noise from outside (wind knocking over something on the porch), I hear "Oh no Mom it must be the green eyed man." I just roll my eyes .

This child is currently obsessed with the movie Bolt. The minute he wakes up in the morning he wants to watch it. If he gets bored during the day he asks to watch it. Let me just say it is very hard trying to convince him to go do something else when he is in the mindset of watching it.
I refuse to turn it on more than once a day. I even have reservations about it being on once a day but it sure does make for some fun moments later on when we are least expecting it.

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