Friday, November 20, 2009

Size matters

Last night we went to Toys R Us. I went to try to pick up a few things that they were having a good sale on and also to have Zack try out bikes since Santa plans on leaving one under the tree.

As for the great sales, I was able to get two of the four things I went for. I would say that is not bad at all for the amount of people crowded in that store.

Now the bike situation is what really upset me! Yes, I was upset I wanted to cry right there in Toys R Us. My little guy is only three years old, just a baby for crying out loud. This kiddo still needs his mama but somewhere along the line he has grown so much that he completely bypassed the toddler bike size! He got on a 12" and started pedaling around the bike area, his poor knees were practically hitting the handle bars with each pedal. In other words he would probably only get about a month or so of use from the bike before having to move on up.

When he climbed on the 16" he fit perfectly. He took off like he's been riding big bikes like that forever. I stood there in the middle of the aisle wanting to cry. When did my baby get so damn tall?

We then tried helmets on, that did me in! Lets just say he has a noggin like his father. We tried the ones that say ages 3+... ha what a joke. Poor kid could not even get it on his head, it just sat on top. Then we tried the ages 5+... now I am just shaking my head. Poor kid could just barely squeeze into it so it could not have been comfortable. Then came the ages 8+... I am nearly in tears here, the helmet fit perfectly. When did this happen?

The worst thing about the size of my baby, he is like any other 3 year old. He wants the cute helmet with the bright colors, the one with the favorite character, the one any other 3 year old would choose but no, my babies noggin will be covered with something black, red, gray, with skulls or skateboarding stuff on it because that is all that fit him!

I will be searching a lot to find something cute in his size because I refuse to dress my little one like he is older.

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