Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was a tricky one for Zack. He wanted so much to be a Star Wars figure but we could not find the right one, then we could not find one that fit him right. So after many long hours searching, he compromised. We found a costume that he thought was hilarious. I happen to think he is absolutely adorable in his costume.

What do you think?

Admit it, this is the cutest little hot dog you have ever seen!

But wait,

it gets better.

Although he was happy with being a hot dog, there was still that pull for a Star Wars figure. You know little boys who long for something can not just let it go. So HE became a little inventive with his costume. Take one Hot Dog, add a Light Saber and magically you become...

A Jedi Hot Dog!

How Cute is He!
(By the way he got extra candy at a couple houses for such a cool costume.)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The activity bus.

Talking with Zack about his field trip to the pumpkin farm with his school, the part that hit me the most and made me giggle was talking about the activity bus.

Zack: "Mom that activity bus was soo boring."

Me: "Why was the activity bus boring?"

Zack: "Mom they did not even have any activities to do on that bus!"

At this point I had to explain to my little man what 'activity bus' really means. We as adults forget that little ones take everything so literal.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I should have known.

Today Zack came up to me and said "Mom I saw a girl in Mrs. M's class, I know her but I don't remember who she is. She had on a yellow, orange and pink striped shirt. Who is she Mom?"
So I told him I had no idea who wears a yellow, orange and pink striped shirt and he came back with "But Mom you know her too."

I think I need to do some research and visit Mrs. M's class next time I am in the school.

Speaking of being in the school, I went in today to sign Zack out early since I had a doctors appointment and would not be home in time to get him off the bus. I went in and the secretary called down to his class asking his teacher to please release him and send him to the office. I took a seat and waited. I waited some more. I waited even more. The whole time I was thinking 'my gosh just how long does it take a kid to grab his backpack and jacket and walk to the office?' Finally I hear him coming down the hall. There he is holding hands with the assistant teacher from his Pre-K class last year. The little bugger decided to take a detour on his way to the office and he stopped into the pre-k classroom to chat with the teachers! When I asked him why he would do that when he knows I have a doctors appointment he responded with "well Mom, I never get to talk with them anymore so I just figured I could today since I got out of my class early." Sigh... the logic of a 5 year old.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh no!

Tonight I planned on making Chicken fingers, potato wedges and some vegetables for dinner. Since I have to be gluten free now I decided to coat the chicken in gluten free Rice Krispies. I pounded them down some and added some spices. I got the chicken coated and on the baking pan. I turned on the oven then I cut up the potatoes for the wedges, threw them in a Zip lock bag with some olive oil and some spices. Then I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Did I see smoke? No it could not be. Wait it looks like a little bit of smoke. Now I am smelling something, it smells electrical. I open the oven and I don't smell anything inside, I see a tad bit more smoke than before. I shut the oven off and pull it away from the wall. I see nothing behind there. I wait a little while then turn it on again and look behind it, at first I see nothing but I start smelling that faint smell again, then I see a spark behind the metal backing. The tiniest opening at the bottom is where I see the spark. I immediately shut the oven off and unplug it.

When Kris got home a few minutes later he took part of the back off and there was melted plastic. This plastic piece holds the wires inside so they are not touching each other. Of course the oven is not under warranty anymore so now we have to have someone come in a replace the part. I have no idea how much that will cost.

I knew I had to somehow get dinner cooked because I certainly did not want to waste the food so Zack and I took a very quick trip to the store and bought a toaster oven. Yup it is working right now cooking up meal that I would have loved to eat earlier. I guess I will cook everything up tonight and just reheat it tomorrow for dinner.

I had planned on doing some freezer cooking tomorrow but I guess that is out of the question now.